“All of Cuba has to see this”: More images of repression on the island (Video)

Niurcy Acosta Pacheco and Raúl González, dissidents and members of the Cuban Reflection Movement (MCR) in Vueltas, Villa Clara, denounced this past 1st of May 2013 that they had been violently arrested by the political police for not accepting their home as dungeons after receiving strict orders from the repressive apparatus to not step out.

Acosta and Pacheco sent photos of the situation and denounced the physical blows they received, but now they have finally been able to send the video of that violent moment. It has been published on the YouTube channel “CubanDemocratic“.

In it, one can clearly see how uniformed officials of the regime arrest the dissident couple, aggressively twisting their necks and arms, throwing them on the floor and keeping them in headlocks until more police vehicles arrive to take them to a unit. The crime? Not accepting their home as a prison and stepping out of their door while the State carried out events for the 1st of May (“May Day” or “International Worker’s Day”), when the regime orders citizens to participate in marches which serve as official propaganda which promote Cuba as a place where worker’s rights are respected.

The violence occurred in front of the couple’s 11 year old son, Daniel, who was the one who filmed everything while on top of his home’s roof.

Recently, Raul Gonzalez responded to a discourse by dictator Raul Castro in regards to the morality of the Cuban people. “Of what principles, values and morals are you talking about if you do not possess any?“, wrote Gonzalez in a message which he later reproduced onto pamphlets which were handed out to locals, “The social indiscipline is only the fault of you all (the government), with your acts of repudiation against peaceful citizens who only demand respect for human rights. That’s called double moral. Do not blame the people anymore…Raul and Fidel Castro are the culprits of this disaster!

For writing things such as this and carrying out similar activities, Gonzalez, Acosta, and other members of the MCR (as well as the opposition in general) face police repression; repression such as the one caught on this video which serves as a living testimony of what goes on in today’s Cuba.

For more details from Cuba, please contact:
Niurcy Acosta Pacheco – Cell Phone: +53- 769-671

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