Benedict XVI Will Arrive to “a Nation in which Communism Has Left Behind Devastating Destruction”

Today, March 26th 2012, Pope Benedict XBI will arrive to Cuba.  He will hold his first mass at 5:30 PM in Santiago de Cuba.  Many questions still linger without having been answered.  Will he meet with members of the peaceful opposition? Will he at least mention their existence? The answers are unknown, but we should all maintain ourselves aware of what is happening, considering that the violence against the Resistance has massively increased.

While possible, this blog will keep publishing messages from dissidents and human rights activists in Cuba about the papal visit (the Cuban state police has cut many phone lines and locked up many dissidents).  The question is: If you could send a direct message to Pope Benedict XVI and the world, what would it be? 

This response if from former political prisoner of conscience Jose Daniel Ferrer Garcia, national coordinator of the Patriotic Union of Cuba (UNPACU)

“I’d tell the Pope not to forget during his visit to our country that he is visiting a nation in which communism, marxist-lenism, has left behind devastating destruction.  That he pronounce himself because of this and that, in his homilies, he remember that we Cubans live without freedom, without rights, and that repression against the people is worse every time.  I also would remind him that many Cubans will not be able to assist his Mass because the political police already has them detained in inhumane conditions in police units, or they are surrounded in their homes.  A large number of these Cubans are devout Catholics and the dictatorship is violating their rights.  We wish that Pope Benedict XVI will have this present during his stay in Cuba”. 

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