In Letter Addressed to Pope Benedict, Cubans Denounce National “Curfew”

Via former Cuban political prisoner of conscience Ivan Hernandez Carrillo, from Matanzas, Cuba. A few hours before Pope Benedict XVI arrived to Cuba, a group of human rights activists and other figures from civil society penned a letter directed to Benedict himself.  The first day that the religious figure spent on the island was marked by even more repression against Cuban dissidents who simply wished to assist Mass or leave their homes.  Meanwhile, countless other telephone lines (cell phone and home lines) of dissidents has been cut by the political police.  It is precisely this violence and this censorship which the following letter denounces:

Message to His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI

Image of Cuban being physically attacked and detained during papal Mass in Santiago de Cuba on March 26th 2012 after he shouted "down with communism" and "freedom"

Pope Benedict XVI has declared that Marxism-Leninism is a failed ideology and, therefore, has no purpose in Cuba.  Benedict has also mentioned that he is in full disposition to contribute to produce changes on the island without traumas.

The dismantling of Cuban socialism, or Castro-ism, which is a substratum of the Marxist-Leninist ideology, would require the liberation of all political prisoners, the end of repression against human rights activists, and the implementation of constitutional law and democracy.

His Holiness will arrive to a country where those who practice their basic freedoms and human rights are literally subjected to a “curfew”.  The government requires its communist militants, who are atheists or at least very reluctant, to assist Mass at Santiago de Cuba and Havana.  Meanwhile, they also threaten, impede, or arrest the immense majority of activists, most of which are Christians.

It is just another expression of intolerance which you should confront.  We hope that with the Divine inspiration which guides you, you achieve to revive the Christian faith of all Cubans and be successful in your efforts of freedom.

We, the undersigned :

  1. Acosta Ríos, Nelson.
  2. Álvarez Campillo, Sonia.
  3. Arévalo Padrón, Bernardo Rogelio.
  4. Argüelles  Morán, Pedro.
  5. Borges Álvarez, Raúl.
  6. Borges Pérez, Ernesto. (prisionero político).
  7. Bringas Dévora, Emilio.
  8. Burunate Gómez, Caridad.
  9. Cantillo Ramírez, Belkis.
  10. Carrillo Hernández, Asunción.
  11.  Daniel Cruz Zenén.
  12.  Díaz Falcón, Mirelys.
  13. Díaz Fleitas, Eduardo.
  14.  Díaz Galindo, Gloduardo.
  15. Díaz Sánchez, Lázaro.
  16. Falcón Fundora, Bárbara.
  17.  Fariñas Hernández, Guillermo.
  18. Fernández Rivera, Lilvio.
  19.  Ferrer García, José Daniel.
  20. Fresneda Castillo, Mercedes.
  21. García de la Riva, Alejandrina.
  22. García Pérez, Jorge Luis.
  23. García Roldán, Fidel.
  24. González Marrero, Diosdado.
  25. Hernández Carrillo, Iván.
  26. Hernández López, José.
  27. Jerez Oliver, Emilio.
  28. Linares García, Librado.
  29. Malleza Galano, Ivonne.
  30. Martínez Arias, Richerto Nicasio.
  31. Martínez Montero, Ignacio.
  32. Mir Marrero, María Elena.
  33. Morejón Hernández, Mayra.
  34. Moya Acosta, Ángel Juan.
  35. Navarro Álvarez, Sayli.
  36. Navarro Rodríguez, Félix.
  37. Olivera Martínez, Carlos. 
  38. Pedroso Esquivel, Juan.
  39. Pérez Aguilera, Iris Tamara.
  40. Pérez Palenzuela, Félix.
  41. Pupo Sierra, Ricardo.
  42. Ramírez Matos, Rosaida.
  43. Ramos Salgado, Minardo.
  44. Rangel Manzano, Francisco.
  45. Regatillo Martínez, Julio.
  46. Risco Pérez, Raúl.
  47. Rodríguez Robaina, Rolando.
  48. Rodríguez Rodríguez, Orlando.
  49. Ruiz Alonso Nelson.
  50. Soler Fernández, Berta.
  51. Tavio Ramírez, Rogelio.
  52. .Magaly Broche de la Cruz
  53. Idania Yanez Contreras
  54. Arnaldo Gutiérrez Lima
  55. Yudaimis Fernández Martínez.
 Various Cubans from the exile have  alsoasked us to include their names in this letter:
1.       Manuel Vázquez Portal
2.       Fidel Suárez Cruz.
3.       Arturo Pérez de Alejo.
4.       Omar Ruiz Hernández.
5.       Favio Prieto Llorente.
6.       Adolfo Fernández Saínz.
7.       Blas Giraldo Reyes.
8.       Jorge Luis González Tanquero.
9.       Nelson Moliné Espino.
10.   Margarito Broche Espinosa.
11.   Carmelo Díaz Fernández.
12.   Roberto de Miranda.
13.   Edel José  García Díaz.
14.   María de la Caridad Noa.
15.   Mercedes Acosta.
16.   Anisley Fuentes.
17.   Isel de las Mercedes Acosta Obregón.
18.   Bárbara Rojas Arias.
19.   Moraima León Savina.
20.   Indiana Rojas Laborís.
21.   Clara Lourdes Llorente.
22.   Dolia Leal Francisco.
23.   Julia Núñez Pacheco.
24.   Soledad Rivas Verdecia.
25.   María Elena Alpízar.
26.   Sergio González Suárez-Inclán.
27.   Yamilé García Carmona.
28.   Lázaro de la Paz Abella.
29.   Teresita Herrera Muíñas.
30.   Pedro Hildo Rojas Roque.
31.   Rigoberto Díaz Cutiño.
32.   Rafael Jorrín García.

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