Summary of Resistance, December 3rd

‘Amid beatings and arrests, the Cuban opposition increases its Resistance’

Summary of Resistance, December 3rd
Via Assembly of the Resistance Information and Support Center

Former political prisoner Angel Moya after arrest/beating at hands of Political Police during early 2011

“The Cuban government has kicked off a repressive wave against the Ladies in White so that they will not be able to carry out activities on the 9th and 10th of December”, affirmed the head of the female opposition group, Berta Soler, to the Assembly of the Resistance Information and Support Center.  According to the activist, ever since Saturday December 3rd “State Security is trying to threaten and intimidate the women by giving them citations, telling them that they cannot participate in activities” which have been planned for those days when International Human Rights Day is celebrated (December 10th).

In addition to the constant repression of the Ladies in White, Soler pointed out and denounced the brutal events which took place in Palma Soriano this past Friday when agents of the regime violently attacked and arrested a large group of non-violent dissidents, her husband Angel Moya among them.  “I’ve been able to confirm according to accounts of some who have been released that (the agents) really attacked Angel”, declared Soler, adding that “we are once again holding the regime responsible for the physical integrity of all Ladies in White and also all members of Cuba’s internal opposition”.

Meanwhile, Mayra Morejon, one of the women who participated in the important protest in Havana’s Fraternity Park this past Wednesday, explained that a State Security official by the name of Alejandro told Nolvis Otero (wife of the Roberto Guerra, director of ‘Hablemos Press’ news agency) that Ivon Mayesa would be “officially processed”.  Mayesa led the protest and still remains imprisoned, as does her husband Ignacio Martinez Montero.  In the case of Montero, it has been confirmed that he is being held in the Acosta Unit but the whereabouts of Ivon are unknown.

Morejon expressed that she feels “very worried for Ivon’s situation, because she suffers from various health issues”.

Mayesa’s mother has called nearly all the police units she can think of and the response on the other side of the phone has been the same:  Ivon is not in any police unit.  “For this reason, we consider her to be disappeared”, declares Morejon.

“We are blaming the government of what could happen to Ivon Mayesa Galano and Ignacio Martinez Montero and everyone else who is imprisoned”, adds the dissident.

Belkis Cantillo detained as she tried to find out whereabouts of her husband

Dani Lopez de Moya informed that during the late afternoon hours of Saturday December 3rd Belkis Cantillo, wife of ex prisoner of conscience Jose Daniel Ferrer Garcia, was detained while she was trying to find out where her beaten and detained husband (during the crackdown in Palma Soriano) was being held. Aime Garces Napoles was also arrested alongside her, as she was accompanying her.

Jose Daniel Ferrer Garcia

Lopez de Moya witnessed the violent acts of Palma Soriano and narrated that Ferrer Garcia “was kicked, slapped, and punched against the bus” before being thrown in.  He added that the husband of dissident Yumila Rodriguez Palomo left during the morning to Santiago de Cuba in search of news and information about those who were detained but as of the night hours of Saturday he had not returned, hinting at the possibility that he may have been arrested at some point along the way.

As a response to all this repression, Dani Lopez explained that he placed a sign on his home in which he demands “justice and freedom for all those detained”.

Ladies in White are able to make it to El Cobre Sanctuary

In other similar news, it was confirmed that various Ladies in White were once again able to make it to El Cobre Sanctuary during Saturday night in order to assist Sunday mass, dodging arrests along the way.

The women who surpassed the vigilance were Mayelin Lago Montero of Contramaestre, Idalmis Majela Saldival from Contramaestre, Anny Sarrión Romero from Moa Holguin Province, Osmaidis Jiménez Domínguez of Moa Holguin Province, Tania Bandera González from Palmarito de Cauto, Oria Casanova from Palmarito de Cauto, Aurora Martí Calderón from Santiago de Cuba, Arelys Rodríguez Chacón from Santiago de Cuba, Yeivisel Figueredo Valdés from Contramaestre and Marilis Mejías Roque from Contramaestre.

Despite the threats, the vigilance, and the constant violence, members of the Cuban Resistance continue challenging the dictatorship, stepping up their activities and demanding freedom for all those who suffer harsh punishments for simply taking to the streets and demanding their inalienable rights.

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