Summary of Resistance (November 30th, 2011)

Ivon Mayesa with protest sign. Photo: Hablemos Press
Two of the women holding up sign during protest. Photo: Hablemos Press

This 30th of November numerous resistance activities against the Cuban dictatorship took place throughout the island.  The Assembly of the Resistance issued a press release narrating the details of various of these dissident activities, among them the important protest in the Fraternity Park of Havana, which was headed by Ivon Mayesa, Blanca Hernandez, and Mayra Morejon.  The women chanted slogans which the everyday people could relate to, such as “down with hunger”, “milk for our children”, “no more unemployment”, and “freedom”.  The protest attracted crowds of Cubans who actually stepped in to try and defend the women when State Security and political police agents began to abuse of them and detain them.  Various citizens screamed slogans against the agents.  Some of these people were also arrested.  You can see these events in the following video, which was provided by “Hablemos Press“:

The rest of the report can be read here.  It includes testimonies by various dissidents such as Mayra Morejon, Sara Mata Fonseca Quevedo, Raul Borges, and Jorge Luis Garcia “Antunez”, whom all recounted respective activities they participated in or witnessed.

The Assembly also compiled reports of other activities which took place during the night hours of that same 30th of November:

 Santa Cruz del Sur. In addition to the crucial protests carried out in Havana, it was also reported that other actions took place in other towns, such as Santa Clara del Sur.  Yoan David González Milanés explained that along with the dissidents Mauro Emilio Dupuy Arredondo, Diana Elisa Betancourt García, Guillermo Rodríguez Rodríguez,  Juan Luis Pérez García and Bernal Bejerano Estrada, a “pots and pans” demonstration was effectuated in protest against the repression against activists and in honor of the patriotic day of the 30th of November.

The home of Gonzalez Milanes was surrounded by political police and Rapid Response Brigade agents, as well as neighbors from the Committee for the Defense of the Revolution (CDR).  Despite the fact that these government agents called on the locals to come out and help oppress the activists, Milanes affirmed that “it was not possible.  Thanks to the fact that people refused to participate.  Only 2 or 4 people stationed themselves outside our home to scream out governmental slogans” .  For this reason, they have dubbed the protest a “success“.

Camaguey.  The “pots and pans” protest was also effectuated in Camaguey, with the participation of dissidents Daniel Miguel Jiménez, Diego Rafael Capote Cansío, Luis Alberto, Lensio Mijas, Noslen Basulto, Jorge Luis Suárez Varona, Yosvani Calistre Padilla and Santos Fernández.  The latter- Fernandez- denounced that they too were “surrounded by the political police” while they carried out the protest “against hunger, abuse, repression, and the lies of this government…we were resisting the Castro dictatorship“.  All of these activists belong to the Orlando Zapata Tamayo National Civic Resistance and Civil Disobedience Front.

Summary of Resistance (November 30th, 2011)

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