Pope Francis to Berta Soler: “Continue onward”

The representative of the Ladies in White, Berta Soler, assisted a Mass offered by Pope Francis in the Vatican after a special invitation to be seated front row.

According to the  official website of the Ladies in White, as soon as the Pope concluded his Mass he greeted everyone seated up front, among them Soler.
The activist was present with a Cuban flag and she told the Pope that she came in representation of the Ladies in White, the relatives of political prisoners and Cuba.

After giving him her his blessings, the Pope told her: “Continue onward“.

Simple but profound words.

Pope Francis has done what his predecessor, Benedict XVI, chose not to do when he was in Cuba during March 2012: dedicate one moment for those who fight for freedom on the island.

Berta Soler has said that this encounter has been one of the highlights of her trip outside of Cuba.

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