Vigilance Increases in Cuba: Ramon Miguel Aguilera

Though this occurred a few weeks ago (during the first week of November) it is something that should be told.

The Cuban dictatorship is notorious for attacking those who do not have a public voice.  In other words, those who do not have much access to make their denouncements heard on an international level through friends on the outside of the island who help them make the news public. However, in a country like Cuba the majority of the people are the ones who do not have a “public voice”, though there are many dissidents who are still able to report news about the real Cuba.

Activist and independent journalist Caridad Caballero Batista informed this blog earlier this month that a young farm worker by the name of Ramon Miguel Aguilera was victim of very violent threats on behalf of government mobs.  Aguilera, a dissident,  is from the Calixto Garcia municipality of Holguin.   One of the many problems which Aguilera faces is that he does not have a cell phone and therefore cannot directly and rapidly communicate with other dissidents throughout the island to report the violations against him- something which the dictatorship has completely taken advantage of.

Batista narrates that the political police ordered dozens of alcoholics and mentally challenged people to threaten the young dissident, surrounding his humble and rural home.  During the entire time, “these people were watching all of Ramon’s movements inside his own house”.

The threats continued throughout the entire day, and police officials even approached the house and threatened Ramon Miguel with “guns and rifles“.

Aguilera suffered this violent and constant vigilance because various anti-dictatorial signs had propped up throughout the town, and also because he travels weekly to the city of Holguin, to the home of Caballero Batista, where a group of dissidents hold vigils and other events in solidarity with Cuban political prisoners.  Ramon is an active member of the Eastern Democratic Alliance.

Threats such as these are very common all over the island and occur daily.  The case of Aguilera is one of many, but should equally be pointed out.  That is how the Cuban regime functions.

Vigilance Increases in Cuba: Ramon Miguel Aguilera