“El Critico” punished in prison for his ideas while his wife is persecuted in the streets

Angel Yunier Remón Arzuaga, the rapper best known as “El Critico” who has been unjustly imprisoned in the Eastern town of Bayamo since March 2013, has not received medical attention after carrying out a 27-day long hunger strike and being returned to Las Mangas Prison, despite suffering various health complications, among them chronic gastritis.  In addition, this week penal authorities suspended family visits for the young musician.

Yudisbel Roseyo, wife of  Remon, informs in the following audio that the suspension of the visits took place after he refused to shave his beard as a sign of protest and after he painted his sheets with the word “change”.

On her part, Roseyo has been victim of arrests each Sunday for trying to make it to Catholic Mass along with other Ladies in White in Bayamo.  Recently, she was kept in a bus under the sun for various hours and this 1st of December her home was stoned by political police officials.  These tactics did not impede her from stepping out of her house, and upon doing so she was arrested and physically assaulted by police agents.

Both Roseyo and Remon Arzuaga have been threatened by the regime to not continue with their posture in favor of freedom  but both have reiterated  that they will keep doing what  they have done until now, despite the consequences.

‘El Critico’ returned to prison and being denied medical assistance #FreeElCritico

Dissident rapper Angel Yunier Remon Arzuaga “El Critico” has been returned to Las Mangas Prison of Bayamo, where he was being held originally before starting his hunger strike which lasted 27 days and nearly cost his life.  He has now been put in a cell where he is being denied medical assistance, confirmed his wife Yudisbel Roseyo Mojena.

“El Critico” suspended his hunger strike after State Security agents told him they would revise his case – a fabricated case of “attempt” created after agents beat him in his Bayamo home last 26th of March.

Now, the musician and UNPACU activist, has been returned to prison without medical assistance despite his very weak state of health (product of the lengthy strike) and other health ailments such as chronic gastritis.

Yudisbel Roseyo informs in this audio:

The campaign for Remon’s freedom, which originated on social networks and backed up by the hashtag #FreeElCritico, has kept going and will keep going until the young rapper is freed, affirm twitter users, bloggers and activists.

On her part, Roseyo Mojena has been victim of detentions and persecution at the hands of the political police due to her activism withing the Ladies in White in Bayamo.

“El Critico” suspends hunger strike, continues fight for freedom #FreeElCritico

“Long live Cubans with everything they deserve” – El Critico

As has been reported in various outlets, Angel Yunier Remon Arzuaga “El Critico” has suspended his hunger strike which lasted 27 days and has left him with serious health consequences, nearly costing him his life.  The dissident rapper – unjustly imprisoned since March of 2013 – decided to stop his strike after State Security agents “promised” him that they would revise his case.

The young musician was arrested after a series of acts of repudiation organized by the State and violent arrests by the political police in Bayamo.  He was later accused of “attempt” against an agent’s life, when in reality he was the victim.  In prison he has suffered beatings, confinements in punishment cells, threats, and has even contracted diseases such as cholera.

Although his case will supposedly be revised, El Critico will continue demanding his freedom and will continue assuming his posture against the dictatorship and in favor of freedom, according to declarations by his wife Yudisbel Roseyo from the Carlos Manuel de Cespedes Hospital in Bayamo, where Remon is still interned.

Roseyo has not left the hospital during her husband’s strike, despite the fact that State Security agents have been harassing her and other dissidents.  The young member of the Ladies in White said she did not feel fear and although she feels more relief, considering that her husband has left the strike, she pointed out that he is still arbitrarily detained.  She declared that she’d keep demanding “his liberation as well as the liberation of all political prisoners on the island”.

In the name of El Critico, Yudisbel thanked every person who joined in solidarity with his case, including bloggers, twitter users, activists, NGOs, media outlets, politicians and artists.  (Gloria Estefan joins the call to free El Critico)

Meanwhile, the #FreeElCritico campaign will continue until the rapper, who is a member of the hip-hop duo The Unwanted Children, is freed.  It will also merge with other campaigns to demand the liberation of all political prisoners in worrying situations such as Roilan Alvarez, Marcelino Abreu and Ivan Fernandez Depestre, all of who are currently on hunger strike.

#PassItOn: Angel Yunier Remon ‘El Critico’, Pt. 2


The audio-visual series #PassItOn once again highlights the situation of Cuban dissident rapper and pro-freedom activist Angel Yunier Remon Arzuaga ‘El Critico’, who is still behind bars in the Las Mangas Prison of Bayamo since March of 2013. He has been subjected to beatings and threats at the hands of his jailers. On occasions, he has been denied his right to telephone calls and family visits. During the month of July 2013 he contracted cholera and was in a very critical state of health. Although he has recuperated from the condition, he is still suffering from another ailment — chronic gastritis — and the authorities refuse to provide him with medical assistance. His wife, Yudisbel Roseyo Mojena, has also been under constant harassment by the regime’s State Security apparatus. On September 23rd 2013, Remon was mistreated in prison and denied his right to his family visits. His crime continues being his protest music and his activism. He is also coordinator of the opposition group UNPACU in Granma province and a member of the hip-hop duo The Unwanted Children (‘Los Hijos Que Nadie Quiso’).

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State Security continues it’s repressive measures against imprisoned rapper ‘El Critico’

In the Eastern Cuban town of  Bayamo, prison authorities continue denying medical assistance to dissident rapper ‘El Critico’ while State Security continues harassing his wife in whichever way possible.  

‘El Critico’

Dissident rapper Angel Yunier Remon Arzuaga ‘El Critico’, from the duo Los Hijos Que Nadie Quiso (‘The Unwanted Children’) has been unjustly jailed in Las Mangas Prison of Bayamo since March 26th of 2013 after mobs organized by State Security raided his home.  While behind bars, he has been subjected to beatings, verbal threats and other forms of repression carried out by the political police.  During the month of July, he contracted cholera and was in a critical state of health.  Although no longer suffering from the mentioned disease, Remon still suffers other serious health ailments, such as chronic gastritis which brings him constant pains.  But the authorities have not provided him with adequate medical attention due to his pro-freedom ideas.

Yudisbel Roseyo Mojena, wife of the young musician, has been denouncing the absence of medical care for months.  Recently, she reiterated to this blog that the situation continues the same, or worse.

Ever since Angel Yunier is in prison they have not done any tests on him to see how his health is and there have been absolutely no follow-ups“, denounces Roseyo, “currently, my husband is having a serious crisis of pain which happens every day because of the gastritis.  He receives no medications for this and the authorities also do not provide him an adequate diet either“. Yudisbel adds that Angel may have an ulcer but this has not been confirmed due to the refusal of the authorities to provide medical exams.

Meanwhile, State Security has upped the tactics of vigilance and harassment against both Yudisbel and Angel.  In one of the most recent cases of manipulation, the regime’s intelligence apparatus has used Remon Arzuaga’s ex wife to harass Yudisbel.

Yunier has an ex wife with which he had a child a couple of years ago and now she is working together with State Security and together they have tried to sue Yunier with the pretext that he has not provided the necessary amount of money for child support“, explains Roseyo Mojena, who assures that this has happened because the police cannot accuse her husband of having committed any crime.  He is in prison because of his activism and because of that, the State turns to such practices.

Yudisbel Roseyo

What his ex wife is alleging is completely false, considering that Angel has always provided the required amount of money for her.  But now she says she wants a higher amount because, in her own words, ‘Angel is receiving money from the exterior’“, she adds.

The same accuser has been trying to create problems with Yudisbel, accusing her of random false crimes out in the middle of the street.  Yudisbel confirms that she has often seen the woman alongside State Security agents.

The vigilance against me by State Security and the National Revolutionary Police is also constant“, says Roseyo, highlighting a recent case on September 18th when a group of Ladies in White from Bayamo, Granma met at one of their homes to carry out their monthly meeting.  When the activity came to an end, Yudisbel was followed by two police vehicles.

Lieutenant Colonel Julio Cesar (the same one who is falsely accusing Yunier of attempt and who put him in prison) interrogated me and harassed me.  Alongside other agents, he told me that he could stop me whenever he felt like it and that he did not have to offer explanations“.

The young Bayamo native is frequently followed, even when she goes to the hospital to tend to health problems of her 7 month old son.

Angel Yunier ‘El Critico’, who also serves as a coordinator of the Patriotic Union of Cuba (UNPACU) for the province of Granma, is currently in a judicial limbo, without having had a trial and without any proof of having engaged in an actions of ‘attempt’.  His dissident posture, expressed through his music and activism, was what landed him in jail.

Listen below to the audio of Yudisbel Roseyo Mojena denouncing the lack of medical assistance for her husband in Las Mangas Prison (in Spanish): 

(NEWS UPDATE 9/24/13) – Dissident leader Jose Daniel Ferrer Garcia, national coordinator of the Patriotic Union of Cuba (UNPACU), was arrested alongside other activists on September 23rd in Bayamo when they were going to participate in a symbolic wedding ceremony between Angel Yunier and Yudisbel.  The latter was also arrested.  After various hours detained, Ferrer Garcia reported via Twitter (@jdanielferrer) that a common prisoner was able to phone him from prison and confirm that Angel Yunier ‘El Critico’ was savagely beat by authorities in prison and taken to a punishment cell.  More details soon. 

To contact Yudisbel Roseyo in Cuba:

Imprisoned rapper suffering from health problems, his wife continues being threatened

Dissident rapper and political prisoner Angel Yunier Remon Arzuaga “El Critico” is still confined to a jail cell in Las Mangas Prison of Bayamo with health problems and very poor medical assistance, confirms his wife Yudisbel Roseyo Mojena.

The musician, who is a member of the hip-hop duo The Unwanted Children and of the opposition group Patriotic Union of Cuba (UNPACU), is suffering from “chronic gastritis” according to Yudisbel, who assures that the authorities “are not giving him any kind of medication, nor are they giving him medical exams.  We do not know if he has an ulcer or not“.

The young Cuban mother explains that since Angel was arbitrarily imprisoned on March of 2013, his jailers told him that they would tend to his medical problems but it has been false.  “The culprits are State Security“, said Yudisbel, “these agents robbed all the documents having to due with the health of Angel, myself, and our child…they were all disappeared and they have not carried out any exams.  It’s a form of punishment against Angel because of his rebellious posture“.

During the month of July the dissident contracted cholera in prison and was brought down to a very delicate state of health.  Although he is now recuperating, he has expressed that the conditions of extremely poor hygiene in the prison may lead his health to worsen again.

Meanwhile, both Angel and Yudisbel have been receiving threats and blackmail in and out of the prison at the hands of the political police.

During my most recent visit with him, they took me into an isolate room where there were various State Security agents.  They told me that they were going to be present during the visits from now on, listening to everything we were talking to“, denounced the young Cuban.  But the dissident couple did not remain silent.  They carried out a protest and various common prisoners joined in solidarity.

We both told agent Javier, the main agent of Las Mangas Prison, that we were not going to accept a visit like that.  We protested.  Some prisoners joined the protest.  They all said that it was not fair that Angel was being treated like that“.

As a result of the protest, the authorities allowed them a ‘normal’ visit, but the threats continued against Yudisbel when she left the penitentiary.

Once I left the prison they subjected me to a body inspection but they did not find anything“, recounts Roseyo, “afterward, a vehicle with State Security agents followed me all the way home.  I was on a motorcycle when the agent known as Allen tried to crash into me with his car.  I started to argue with him, denouncing what he had done.  He simply responded to me by saying that he was going ‘to take me’ and told me to leave my husband.  He said that if I didn’t do so he would do it for me because ‘he had the power to do anything‘”.

The agent then told me that he was protected by the law and, therefore, was the authority“.

Yudisbel Roseyo affirms that neither her or her husband will give in to the constant threats.

Despite the conditions in which they are keeping Angel Yunier, and despite all the punishment he is subjected to, we are never going to give up on our ideas.  The threats and the intimidation by State Security are never going to force either of us to give up, not now and not ever“, she said.

Yudisbel added that ‘El Critico’ will keep writing protest lyrics from behind the bars.

To contact Yudisbel Roseyo in Cuba:
Cell Phone – +53-552-353

‘El Critico’ speaks from prison, exhorts Cubans to keep fighting for freedom

During these days, authorities of the Las Mangas Prison of Bayamo have been threatening jailed dissident rapper Angel Yunier Remon Arzuaga “El Critico” – who has been unjustly jailed since last March – with suspending his right to one weekly phone call.  This shouldn’t come as a surprise after the young musician recently established communication with some brothers in struggle, taking out a message of resistance from behind the bars in an audio which has circulated throughout various media outlets.

The Patriotic Union of Cuba (UNPACU) published an audio message on their YouTube channel, in which Angel Yunier, who is also an activist of the mentioned pro-freedom group, described how it is to live in the dungeons of the dictatorship.  He pointed out a number of cases of inhumane treatment inside the prison, which include cases of medical negligence and physical abuses which have cost the lives of various prisoners.

He emphasized the case of Rogelio Ovidio, a common prisoner who took his own life after he was beat by his jailers and refused medical assistance when they informed him he could possibly be infested with HIV.

Remon Arzuaga found the body of Ovidio on July 29th.  “I saw his body…his head was broken, his right arm was injured and his back was full of bruises.  I found him at 2 in the morning and he had already hung himself…I didn’t know he was dead right away because he was being held in a dark cell.  I saw his silhouette and I thought he was just sitting down“, said Angel from prison.

He also denounced the horrible and nearly non-existent medical attention in the penitentiary center.   Angel Yunier was in a grave state of health, infected with cholera, and it wasn’t until a very advanced stage of the disease that he was treated by doctors.  He assures that at least three prisoners have died of this disease due to the lack of adequate attention in the center.

“Since July 1st, this prison has been affected by this sickness…they said it was a diarrhea pandemic but it was proven to be cholera“.  In regards to the conditions of the prisons and hospitals where he has been, Angel described them as places with “horrible food regiments and very poor hygienic conditions.  I can’t say that where they take us are hospitals…in reality they are concentration camps where sick prisoners are isolated in.  They take them there just to say they are receiving medical care.  All us prisoners are also mistreated and beat there“.

The rapper also echoed the case of his fellow partner in struggle and political prisoners Alexander Otero.  Both were arrested together on March 26th in Bayamo during a violent act of repudiation against Yunier’s house.  Otero suffered a facial paralysis in prison and has not been treated due to his ideas.

Otero suffered an injury on his right arm and has also not received medical attention.  For three months now, he’s been with his right arm tied up and hanging loose…he needs surgical intervention for that arm but they won’t give it to him.  He also suffered a facial paralysis on July 29th on the right side of his face. As of right now, he cannot speak and has lots of difficulty closing his right eye“.

After making these denouncements public, prison authorities threatened Angel Yunier with suspending his right to one weekly call, according to declarations made to this blog by his wife, Yudisbel Roseyo Mojena.

I found out about this when I went to the corresponding visit on Saturday, August 24th.  When I arrived, they passed me to a room to meet with a Major named Javier.  They also brought in Angel Yunier at that moment“, recounts Yudisbel, “when Yunier came in, they started to threaten him, saying that he does not have the right to call any other person that is not his direct family, and that if he did not obey these orders they would permanently suspend his right to a phone call for having committed an ‘indiscipline’“.

The call by Angel Yunier which they are referring to was with Jose Daniel Ferrer Garcia, leader of the UNPACU, who made the conversation public.

Yudisbel was also threatened and denounces that her husband was treated very poorly, “as if he were an animal and as if he had no rights to anything.  He considers some of his friends to be like family, but the authorities don’t care about that.  One official told him that he had to ask his Re-Educator for permission, and only if it was approved, then he would take the message to Major Javier for further approval.  He said that in the event that his request were approved, he had to write down all the personal data of the person being called“.

The young Cuban added that the prison authorities have placed a person – a collaborator of State Security – to watch everything that Remon Arzuaga does.  Later, this person is in charge of passing on the information to his superiors.

In addition, the agents said that when they suspend his phone access, they were going to make it clear that it was all Angel’s fault because he had committed an indiscipline, and also as my fault because I make his denouncements public.  They told Yunier right in front of me that he was going to ‘pay a very high price’ if he broke the rules.  They also threatened to suspend all his prison visits.  The agents also told Angel that it all depended on him, whether he behaved and followed the rules“, added Yudisbel.

In other words“, she adds, “they are trying to change his ideas, but they will not succeed because he is firm, now more than ever, and I also support him unconditionally“.

On his part, in the audio ‘El Critico’ called on all his compatriots and brothers and sisters of the opposition to maintain themselves “firm and strong” and “keep fighting“.

Today, many of us young Cubans have chosen to stand up in defense of our rights“, expressed the dissident rapper, jailed for making protest music and for being a pro-freedom activist.  He reminded all those Cubans who struggle that “nothing will detain us as long as there is will and desire to see a free and democratic Cuba“.

The declarations by Angel Yunier Remon Arzuaga were taken from an audio published by the Patriotic Union of Cuba (UNPACU) on their YouTube channel, while all declarations by Yudisbel Roseyo Mojena were obtained during a conversation with this blog.

To communicate with Yudisbel in Cuba:

Cell Phone– +53-552-353

Wife of jailed dissident rapper threatened by State Security


Yudisbel Roseyo Mojena, wife of Angel Yunier Remon Arzuaga “El Critico”, dissident rapper who has been unjustly imprisoned since March in Las Mangas Prison of Bayamo, has not stopped publishing denouncements made by the young musician.  Apparently, for this reason Cuban State Security is constantly watching her.

Recently, on August 13th 2013, when the State celebrated the birthday of dictator Fidel Castro, police forces set up a cordon around Roseyo’s home.

Since the night of the 12th, I was under extreme vigilance all around my home.  This was carried out by State Security and the National Revolutionary Police“, recounts the young Bayamo native, “wherever I would go they would follow me, despite the fact that I was carrying my 6 month old child“.

The agents did not only follow her, but they also confronted her and threatened her.  “One State Security agents told me that if i kept up my position against the regime they were going to take my son away from me and put him in a Juvenile Center and he also said that they would easily arrest me with or without my child“.


Evidently the agents are referring to the fact that Yudisbel has been reporting human rights violations faced behind bars by her husband Angel Yunier.  She recently informed that the activist contracted cholera and was in a critical state.  Many times she has told the world about arbitrary beatings faced by Yunier.

Regarding his health, Angel Yunier “is improving and is now stable“, explains Yudisbel.  However, she is still concerned because “his life is still in danger.  He has told me that the hygienic conditions in Las Mangas Prison are horrid, and that in that penitentiary there have been numerous cases of cholera and 4 people have already died of the disease.  The authorities are not carrying out the appropriate follow-up method to combat this sickness.  In the specific case of Angel, they are not taking the necessary measures so that he does not retract and re-contract the disease.  The doctors have said that if he is not properly taken care of, he would regress“.

Roseyo has said that Angel Yunier also suffers from a chronic gastritis.  She emphasized that the rapper is in a legal limbo right now, considering that there has never been a trial against him and that there is absolutely no proof of the “resistance” they accuse him of.

Yudisbel did not dismiss that she felt fear for what could happen to her 6-month old son as well as to her husband.  She once again asked for solidarity with the young musician who just turned 30 this 14th of August while in prison without having committed a crime.

Ángel Yunier “El Critico”, a member of hip-hip duo ‘The Unwanted Children’ (Los Hijos Que Nadie Quiso) and also a member of the pro-freedom Patriotic Union of Cuba (UNPACU), was arrested on Mach 26th in Bayamo when he gave a discourse in favor of freedom and had just handed out numerous pro-freedom pamphlets.  Previous to this, he had been  victim of a wave of arrests because of his protest lyrics as well as for painting pro-freedom and pro-change messages on the walls of his home.

Remon Arzuaga has been beat and blackmailed inside  prison and his relatives are also suffering reprisals.  Nevertheless, he has said that he will maintain his dissident posture and that he will not betray his ideas.

For more information from Cuba, contact:
Yudisbel Roseyo Mojena – Cell Phone: +53-552-353

Unjustly jailed dissident rapper, “El Critico”, has contracted cholera in prison (Updated 8/2/13)


Ángel Yunier Remón Arzuaga, dissident rapper best known as ‘El Critico’ from the hip-hop duo The Unwanted Children (‘Los Hijos Que Nadie Quiso’), has contracted cholera during his unjust imprisonment, according to a relative, Julia Rosa Pina, in an audio published by the Patriotic Union of Cuba (organization to which he also belongs) during dawn hours of August 1st.

“Angel Yunier, who is arbitrarily detained, is suffering from cholera right now and  they have reported his health as ‘critical””, declared Pina in the audio, adding that the young musician was taken to the Hospital of Manzanillo, far from his family and friends  from the opposition.

In reality we do not have all the details of the situation because these people [the regime] manipulate information…all we know is that they are saying he is ‘critical’ and that in Las Mangas Prison there are many cases of cholera, while in the city of Bayamo the situation has gotten out of hand and there are 3 people who have died due to the sickness“, added Julia.

In days past, Remon Arzuaga’s wife – Yudisbel Roseyo Mojena – had informed that Las Mangas Prison, where he was being held behind bars without a trial and in pure arbitrary fashion, had been put in quarantine due to a breakout of cholera.  Ironically, the rapper had given a discourse in his jail cell to various prisoners in regards to bad hygienic practices in the penitentiary.  This cost him a beating at the hands of a common prisoners being manipulated by State Security and now he suffers from cholera.

Relatives and activists, such as Jose Daniel Ferrer Garcia (leader of UNPACU) have expressed profound worry for the life of Angel Yunier, who has been subjected to different forms of aggression and blackmail at the hands of the political police since his unjust arrest on March 26th, after he gave a public discourse in favor of freedom outside of his home in Bayamo.

Remon’s young wife has had to be on-top of his situation as much as possible all the while raising their 5 month year old son, who has barely even seen his father.

We are calling on the international community so that they please support this young man – Angel Yunier.  At this moment, he needs all the support he can get, as does his family, who just because they decided to fight for Cuba’s freedom have found that many people have turned their backs on them“, expressed Julia, “and that’s why I am sending out this message…we will not give up demanding his freedom“.

At the moment this news was put together, we had not been able to establish communication with the wife of the musician, considering that she does not have a cell phone because political police agents robbed and destroyed all communication equipment the family owned when they raided their home in March.

#PassItOn for Ángel Yunier Remón Arzuaga ‘El Critico’.  We cannot allow the death of another Cuban for simply speaking without censorship and working towards a new Cuba, as well as for making protest music.  #FreeElCritico

*** UPDATE 8/2/13Yudisbel Roseyo Mojena confirms that her husband, Angel Yunier Remon Arzuaga, has been returned to Las Mangas Prison in Bayamo at around 3 PM of August 1st.  She explained to this blog that the rapper is “just a bit better” but is still suffering from the effects of cholera.

Yudisbel recounts that Angel Yunier was taken to the Manzanillo Hospital on July 28th but no one informed her of this.  She found out about the situation through a friend who is a political prisoner who managed to briefly establish communication with her via phone.

Upon finding out the news, I went to the Manzanillo Hospital and there were many State Security and Ministry of the Interior agents there and they would not let anyone pass to the salon where Yunier was“, explained the young Cuban woman.  In addition, the authorities would not tell her, or any other family member, that it was cholera that the dissident was suffering from, but Yudisbel was able to confirm it afterward with a doctor.

State Security prohibited doctors from telling us that it was cholera and were lying and saying that it was just a contagious virus“, said Yudisbel, who publicly complained in the hospital.

Although Angel Yunier is back in Bayamo, closer to his family, Yudisbel highlights that his life still runs danger, considering that Las Mangas Prison has had numerous cases of cholera.

Thanks to a nurse who decided to help us, Yunier managed to send a note in which he explained that when he was taken to the Manzanillo Hospital there had already been more than 100 cases of cholera in Las Mangas Prison, where 4 of these people had already died.  He also wrote that medical attention in the mention prison is horrible as are the hygienic conditions“.

For more information from Cuba:

José Daniel Ferrer García – Cell Phone: + 53-146-740 / Twitter: @jdanielferrer
Yudisbel Roseyo Mojena (relative’s phone): +23-445-762

“El Critico”, jailed dissident rapper, suffers beating and blackmail in prison

El Critico

Angel Yunier Remon Arzuaga, activist and dissident rapper best known as ‘El Critico’ from the duo The Unwanted Children, remains behind bars in the Eastern town of Bayamo for political reasons, without having had a trial and under constant reprisals, as occurred last July 8th 2013, when he was beat by a common prisoner being used by the State Security apparatus.

Yudisbel Roseyo Mojena, the young wife of the musician, made the news public.  She explains that the aggressions occurred on the same day Remon was supposed to have a family visit and that no prison authority told her about what had happened.  Roseyo found out the details thanks to another political prisoner who has shown solidarity with her husband.

Angel Yunier was in a prison cubicle with other prisoners and he was talking to them about the bad hygiene in the penitentiary when suddenly a common prisoner known as Jercy showed up with a knife“, details Yudisbel.  The prisoner threatened to cut Angel Yunier but ended up “attacking Angel with his hands, punching him on the eye and breaking his mouth“.

The response of the jailers was to make it seem as a common fight among prisoners started by the rapper, who they punished by refusing him the right to conjugal visits.  Their was total impunity for the aggressor and, as of yet, no disciplinary measures have been taken against him.

For this reason, Yudisbel assures that the event “was planned by State Security.  In fact, when agents talk to me they always mention this situation, saying that it happened to my husband for talking too much“.

Roseyo explains that what the authorities seek is to try and involve Angel Yunier in a common crime and, in that fashion, officially sentence him, considering that he is currently in a judicial limbo, jailed since March 26th for making protest music and carrying out pro-freedom acts of civil disobedience on the streets.

Yudisbel Roseyo. Via: UNPACU

Another tactic that the communist regime is using to try and reach that goal is to harass Yudisbel so that Angel will respond with anger and violence – a method which has not yielded results.

People who I do not know have come to my house talking bad about Angel and trying to create some kind of confusion between us“, she says, “On July 24th, for example, I was outside when a person came up to me and told me ‘you’re going to be mine’ and grabbed my hand, and I quickly broke free and defended myself.  People showed solidarity with me and when this man left, just a few moments later a couple of State Security agents walked behind him“.

Yudisbel is also victim of constant police persecution and vigilance, especially during the week of July 26th, when the State celebrates an anniversary of a violent assault on a barracks carried out by the current rulers.

“Since the 24th, I have been completely surrounded in my own house.  A State Security official known as Eric visited me to tell me that I could not leave my house, but I responded saying that I was not going to be jailed in my own house, and much less in my native province.  He told me that if I left I would be jailed and that they did not care if I was with my son or with anyone else“, she denounced.

The son of the young couple is only 5 months old and has barely seen his father due to his arbitrary arrest.  The minor has suffered various health issues and his mother has had to travel long distances in search of medical assistance.

Wherever I go with my son they follow me…a police vehicle and a number of State Security agents…day and night.  Their is a police car stationed on the corners of my house at all hours.  If I go to the clinic for my son, they go as far as to walk in behind me and keep an eye on my every move.  They continuously threaten me and tell me I will be detained if I participate in any sort of activity“.

‘El Critico’ was imprisoned after a violent act of repudiation against him on March 26th, when he decided to give a public discourse to his repressors, explaining to them that as Cubans they were being used by the dictatorship but that they had the power to stop and change the system.  He was being harassed and detained frequently prior to that moment due to his protest music and his activism out on the streets.  Remon is also a member of the Patriotic Union of Cuba (UNPACU).

My response is that if something happens to Yunier, the only ones responsible will be them [the government]“, declares Yudisbel, “my husband is firm in the same cause, as always.  He told me that he’d rather be dead than to stop believing and fighting for his ideas“.

#PassItOn: Angel Yunier Remon Arzuaga #FreeElCritico