Cuba: Students Shout Slogans Against the Dictatorship and are Expelled from their School

Photo by Luis Felipe Rojas

Three young students from the  Camilo Cienfuegos Secondary Level School in Bayamo, Cuba, were expelled for screaming slogans against the Castro dictatorship, according to various dissident sources on the island.

Magaly Otero Suarez, independent journalist from “Hablemos Press”, shared the facts on the website of this independent press agency.  From the city of Holguin, dissident Caridad Caballero Batista also narrated the events, in accordance with declarations by dissident Felix Rivero Cordobi, resident of Bayamo, where the protest occurred.

According to the reports, the three students are Yanier Miranda, Saylen Rodríguez and Yuniel Gamboa Tamayo and they are 14 years old.  They began to shout slogans against the communist regime, according to Caridad Caballero.  Among the phrases shouted were “Down with Fidel” and “Fidel killed Camilo Cienfuegos”. It “occurred right in the middle of morning announcements, when all students and professors of the school were at the same place“, added the dissident.

Felix Rivero Cordobi added that as soon as the spontaneous protest came to an end, “the students were immediately taken to the main offices of the school along with their parents, where they were analyzed and the officials decided to expel them from the school.  They opened an expedient for the three students in order to begin a rehabilitation process in a school for minors“.

The three youths do not have ties to the Cuban opposition“, points out Caridad Caballero, and this is a very significant fact because it proves that “the youth is waking up, they are tired of so much of the same, of mandatory Castro slogans.  And they have to say what they feel…and they are“, declared the Lady in White.

Just a few weeks ago during January of the present year (2012) a 16 year old dissident from the Patriotic Union of Cuba (UNPACU) Enrique Lozada Aguedo– denounced the violence of the regime against him in a video which has been circulating around the internet.  Enrique Lozada has been detained, beaten, and constantly threatened by the political police, and the young activist has responded with firmness and by calling on all Cuban students to join the struggle to put an end to the Castro tyranny.  Everything indicates that the Cuban Resistance is growing more each time, and an important sector which is joining the cause are the young people, for they are the ones who suffer the most.