State Agents Watch Every Step of Former Political Prisoner in Matanzas

Angel Moya Acosta

State Security informants, as well as agents of the same repressive organism, among others, have been keeping a tight vigilance over every step of the coordinator of the Democratic Freedom Movement for Cuba and former political prisoner Angel Moya Acosta in his home city of Pedro Betancourt, in the province of Matanzas, ever since the afternoon of Wednesday, September 5th.

The reason for this operation?

Moya Acosta explains that for various weeks the Movement which he represents has taken up the task of “publicly distributing information to the population with the objective of awakening their conscience“. Among the documents handed out are copies of the Citizen Demand for Another Cuba (penned by numerous dissidents in the island), copies of the Miami-based ‘El Nuevo Herald’, and news reports published by the independent news agency ‘Hablemos Press’, which consists of information regarding activism and repression in Cuba.

The oppressive forces are mobilizing themselves to try and keep us from continuing to distribute the mentioned informational materials to the population“, said the dissident.

In fact, Moya Acosta is not the only dissident being kept under watch and being harassed in his own house, which is located on 20th Street, between 25th and 27th in the city of Pedro   Betancourt. The activist explains that on September 5th Juan Gonzalez, also a member of the Democratic Freedom Movement, was victim of an attack carried out by State Security and Rapid Response Brigade mobs who “hurled stones against his home“.

Members of the Independent Alternative Option Movement have also been victims of attacks in recent days“, explains Moya, referencing this group which is also very active and known in the province of Matanzas and which also participates in the distribution of informational pamphlets to the population.

This past 28th of August, another act of violence occurred against these activists in the same city of Pedro Betancourt. “State Security agents and members of the Communist Party of Cuba organized an act of repression in the marginal neighborhood known as ‘El Matador’, where mobs started shouting slogans like ‘down with the worms’ and burned copies of the printed materials that were being handed out which had been confiscated during a house raid in the same month of August“.

Since then, the operations have only increased.

At this very moment, the cordons around my house in Pedro Betancourt continue. They are being directed by State Security and also count with the participation of Rapid Response Brigade members, agents of the National Revolutionary Police. It consists of vigilance, with police vehicles, and other methods set in motion to try and control my movements as well as the movement of other activists“, explains Angel Moya, adding that as he was making those declarations to this blog, various State Security agents kept walking by his house, watching.

The renown dissident held the Cuban regime responsible for what could happen to him, and other dissidents, in the next couple of days, but assured that he will continue giving out information, free of censorship, to the local population.

Moya Acosta was one of the activists present a few days ago when hundreds of neighbors came out in defense of a group of dissidents in Pedro Betancourt while military regime forces were raiding the home of activist Juan Francisco Sigler Amaya. Due to this display of support, the police officials had to flee, emphasizing once more the power of non-cooperation and citizen solidarity.

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State Agents Watch Every Step of Former Political Prisoner in Matanzas