Jose D. Ferrer Informs of Various Acts of Repression in Cuba

Via “Hablalo sin Miedo“, the dissident and former political prisoner Jose Daniel Ferrer Garcia informs of various acts of repression which have occurred, and are currently happening, in Cuba this weekend.

Hear the audio, in Spanish, by clicking this link.

And here is the transcription (my translation):

Guantanamo.  Yesterday (Saturday November 12), the activists from the Resistance and Democracy Movement- Niorvis Rivera Guerra and Francisco Soria Claro- were detained by the political police.  Up to the moment, there whereabouts are unknown.  Arbitrary arrests and violent mob attacks against this opposition group have been increasing.  According to Rogelio Tavio, the leader of the group, the activists respond to each attack with more non-violent actions in favor of freedom and democracy.

Placetas, Santa Clara.  Members of the Orlando Zapata Tamayo National Resistance Front are surrounded, and various have been detained.  Only one Catholic priest was able to make it to the home of Jorge Luis Garcia Perez “Antunez” and prayed for the victims of the repression.  The priest spoke to the activists about the upcoming visit of the Pope to Cuba.  The tyranny cruelly oppresses those who, with firmness and valor, work for establishing freedom and democracy in our nation.

Jose Daniel Ferrer Garcia
Coordinator of the Patriotic Union of Cuba

Meanwhile, Antunez (who was recently beaten and detained for various days), has published this Tweet of warning:

antunezcuba Jorge Luis Garcia

Aggressive police operation underway.  The Special Brigades have arrived.  It is raining lightly.  Be attentive, anything could happen here today in Placetas #cuba
Jose D. Ferrer Informs of Various Acts of Repression in Cuba