Matanzas: Mores images of police violence against Ladies in White (Photos)

Leticia Ramos shows broken upper lip

After two consecutive weekends of violence carried out by the political police against the Ladies in White and other dissidents in the province of Matanzas (especially in the cities of Cardenas and Colon), more photos of the scars left by the agents have emerged.

Sayli Navarro, a young member of the Ladies in White from Perico, Matanzas, has published various photos of the injuries suffered by her mother, Sonia Alvarez Campillo, and Leticia Ramos Herreria, representative of the group in the mentioned province.

Sonia Alvarez with fractured arm after beating
Leticia Ramos shows broken lip
Leticia Ramos shows bruises on her arm after beating
Nail marks on one of Leticia Ramos’ arms
Leticia Ramos with bruise on her face after beating

Leticia was one of the activists who were injected with 3 needles containing unknown substances on Sunday, July 14th.  In addition, she has been frequently threatened with death by members of State Security and the National Revolutionary Police.

On Tuesday, July 23rd, dissidents Francisco Rangel and Ivan Hernandez Carrillo were harassed by police officials.  In the case of Rangel, he was arrested while walking down Central Street, in the Market Plaza of Colon, Matanzas.  Meanwhile, former political prisoner Ivan Hernandez was attacked with rocks.

“While in the Market Plaza, they attacked me with rocks”, wrote Hernandez on his Twitter account (@ivanlibre).

“This attack and arrest were carefully planed, because it was confirmed that three State Security officials, dressed in civilian clothing, we waiting for us in the Market Plaza”, added the dissident leader.

He also denounced that on Monday, July 22nd, there was an act of “harassment, intimidation, invasion of privacy and public disorder” carried out by regime-organized mobs “against the Ladies in White” in Colon, where members of the Committee for the Defense of the Revolution, the Communist Party and police agents took part.

Regime organized mobs harass home of Lady in White, Matanzas. Via @ivanlibre
Matanzas: Mores images of police violence against Ladies in White (Photos)

Crackdown in Matanzas

Colon and Perico, cities from Cuba’s central Matanzas province, were the scenes of a crackdown by the Castro regime against Cuban dissidents in that area this past Monday, February 27th.

One of the victims of the government violence was Angel Moya Acosta, an ex political prisoner from the group of the 75, who, on that morning, was on his way to the home of also ex prisoner from the 75, Felix Navarro Rodriguez, in the city of Perico.  Upon arriving at that city, Moya noticed that there was a very strong combined operation, composed of State Security, the Rapid Response Brigades, and the National Revolutionary Police.  According to the human rights activist, “a State Security official intercepted me and ordered me to leave that area, he confiscated my ID card, and called for a police vehicle“.

Moya assured his oppressors that as a free man he could transit through whatever part of his country he desired.  However, the agents aggresively forced him into a police vehicle and drove him to the police unit of Playa Larga.  “In that Unit, I was confined to a dark cell, without water, without my belongings, without a mattress, and completely infested with mosquitos and without being allowed access to a phone to inform my relatives of my situation“.  The dissident, who spent nearly 8 years in the dungeons of the Cuban dictatorship, assured that those who oppress the country “use this kind of cells to torture the detainees, in an attempt to have us stop our activities“.  And that’s how they kept him until the following day, Tuesday February 28th, until 10 AM.

Meanwhile, in Colon, and also on February 27th, the homes of dissidents Carlos Olivera and Juan Francisco Rangel were completely surrounded by State Security mobs.  “My house had been surrounded since 2 AM.  At around 8 AM, I decided to go out to the street (also to the civic activity being held in the home of Felix Navarro) but the police operation impeded me from doing so“, explained Olivera.  A State Security Major told Olivera that he was not allowed to leave his home, to which the activist responded by saying that his house “will not become a prison“.  Olivera tried to continue on his way but was rapidly arrested by force and shoved into a police vehicle, but not before writing a brief message on his Twitter account (@ColiveraCuba), denouncing that he was being detained.  In addition, the dissident began to shout slogans in favor of freedom- “We want Multi-Party elections“, “Long live freedom of expression“, and “Down with the dictatorship“.  As if he were a criminal for defending the rights of the people, Olivera remained behind the bars of a Colon police station until 8 PM.

The same tactics were applied against Juan Francisco Rangel when he also tried to go to the home of Felix Navarro.  Rangel explains that “about 20 political police and State Security agents surrounded my home“, but despite this, he also decided to go out.  In just instants, the police agents informed him that he could not continue.  Among the oppressors was an official which savagely beat Rangel on December 5th, 2011, cracking his forehead.  “There was also a person called Jesus Yanez, who is the Cultural Director here in Colon, who participates in acts of repudiation and other aggressions.  Yanez also treated my wife with disrespect during the confrontation this Monday“, said Rangel, who told the agents that he would not tolerate further disrespect and abuses against his family.  “At that moment, the physical aggression began and two agents ran up to me.  That’s how they then shoved me into a police car, which I was able to see its license number- #208.  Another repressor known as Alexander Guerra pushed me against the roof of the car and I hit my head“.  Rangel’s wife managed to record the violence, which can be seen here:

In addition, Rangel informed that his sister-in-law Caridad Burunate, who is a Lady in White and member of the Pedro Luis Boitel Party for Democracy, was surrounded at that same moment in her house in Colon.  “In her case, she was surrounded by more aggresors than me“.

Meanwhile, the former prisoner of the Black Spring, Ivan Hernandez Carrillo, was able to go out to a street in Colon, carrying a sign with images of the political prisoners Yasmin Conyedo and Yusmani Alvarez (both who have been arrested since January 8th, 2012) and Ernesto Borges, who is currently in a critical state of health due to a hunger strike he has been sustaining in protest for his freedom.  Carrillo was able to upload a photo he took of himself just minutes before going out to the street.  Only a few minutes later, he was brutally arrested by the repressive forces of those who were keeping surveillance over him.  But, despite the brutality, a very important fact is that the moment of the arrest was caught on video. Since images are worth more than words, here they are:


In regards to this crackdown and the increase of violence which the Cuban dictatorship has unleashed against the civic Resistance on the island, the former political prisoner Angel Moya declared that “each passing day, the opposition is becoming stronger, and is very capacitated to lead the country towards the objectives we have always wanted to achieve, and we are not going to allow, at any cost, that the Cuban regime impede our victory“.


For more information, directly from Cuba:

 Ángel Moya Acosta– Cell phone: (011-5353-820-595), Twitter: @jangelmoya / Carlos Olivera– Cell phone: (011-5352-562-839), Twitter: @ColiveraCuba / Juan Francisco Rangel– Cell phone: (011-5353-287-437), Twitter: @JFRangelCuba / Iván Hernández Carrillo– Cell phone: (011-5352-599-366), Twitter: @Ivanlibre / Caridad Burunate– Cell phone: (011-5352-563-003)

Crackdown in Matanzas

Matanzas: Anti-Government Signs Greatly Worry the Regime; Dissidents Harassed

Bicycle of dissident Jose Francisco Rangel w/ “Change” sticker. One of the reasons for repression against him.
"Boitel Lives" painted on the wall of a church in Colon, Matanzas a few weeks back

The dissidents from Cuba’s Matanzas province Jose Francisco Rangel Manzano, Provincial Delegate of the Pedro Luis Boitel Democracy Party in Matanzas, and Carlos Olivera, Vice-Delegate of the same Party, were summoned on the morning of February 19th to the police station in the city of Colon.  Major Osmany Hernandez- a well known henchman and aggressor  of Colon and surrounding municipalities- was in charge of the interrogations.

Francisco Rangel was warned, as agents told him that they would not tolerate further anti-government signs and/or graffiti propping up on walls along the centric roads of Colon, to which the dissident responded that he had no control over the appearance of those signs because it was the everyday people who was putting them because they have grown weary of the constant lies and oppression.

Major Osmany Hernandez said that they (the political police) knew that the orchestrator of the signs were Ivan Hernandez Carrillo and Felix Navarro, both former prisoners of conscience from the group of the 75.   Francisco Rangel responded that if he was going to talk about an orchestrator that he too was one, because he did not need to demonstrate his opposition to the regime with signs put up in the dark of night.  “My opposition and my posture against your system is up-front and public, out in the light of day.  This shirt I am wearing right now which says ‘Change’, my bicycle has a sticker which says ‘change’, and right now I’ll tell you that I do not want to fix anything with you all in any way“, said the dissident.

When Major Osmany Hernandez mentioned that the anniversary of Orlando Zapata’s death was getting close, Francisco Rangel bravely reminded the agent that it was not just a mere death, but an assassination at the hands of the regime.  The henchman told Rangel: “Let’s respect ourselves”.  Rangel reminded Hernandez that “if we are going to talk about respect, then do not forget about how you have all thrown excrement at the homes of dissidents in Colon“.  Upon saying this, the functionary had no response.

Carlos Olivera

After this incident, dissident Carlos Olivera was interrogated.  This specific interrogation was more violent, considering that Carlos refused to sit and the agents threw him against a window.  After being beat as well, Carlos told his oppressors that he had nothing to talk about with them.  They accused Olivera of being  disrespectful for not wanting to sit, and the activist responded, “you’d have to kill me first.  I have nothing to talk about with you.  The signs are being put up by the people because they are tired of you all, they have nothing to do with Ivan and Felix“.

Lazara Sanchez and Caridad Burunate during a symbolic funeral of Wilman Villar Mendoza, 2012

On the following day, February 20th, they also summoned Caridad Burunate, dissident and Lady in White of Colon, for more of the same as well as Lazaro Diaz Sanchez, an activist from the Pedro Luis Boitel Democracy Party.  On this occasion, they wanted both dissidents to sign citations and take their finger prints.  The interrogators, however, could not force them to do such things because the activists refused to subject themselves to the humiliation.  One of their slogans are: “We are dissidents, not delinquents“.

Burunate then affirmed in one her most recent Tweets that despite all this harassment and all these citations: “The opposition in Colon, Matanzas will pay tribute to Orlando Zapata Tamayo and Pedro Luis Boitel on the anniversary of their assassinations.  No more state terrorism!

Functionaries of the regime threw pig excrement at the home of Caridad Burunate in Matnazas a few months ago.
This was Burunate's response: Putting up a sign whcih reads "down with state terrorism and 'crap' is what the government does"


A special thank you to the Cuban and Twitter activists @mspianoteacher for providing this report and these photos

Matanzas: Anti-Government Signs Greatly Worry the Regime; Dissidents Harassed

Neighbors Chose to Not Cooperate with Mob Attack Against Lady in White

Alejandrina Rivas (left) and Caridad Burunate (right). Ladies in White of Matanzas province.

The home of Lady in White Caridad Burunate Gomez, located in Colon, Matanzas, was the target of a failed mob repudiation attack this past Thursday, January 5th.  Accompanying Caridad were some relatives, among them her husband (and also dissident) Francisco Rangel and also the former political prisoners of the group of the 75, Iván Hernández Carrillo and Félix Navarro.

The Lady in White narrated that she had known there was going to be an act of repudiation against her that day, for her neighbors had informed her that in their jobs they had ben visited by agents of the regime who had told them that it was mandatory to assist the acts of aggression that night at 8:30.  “The agents said that if the workers did not go, then they would be fired from their jobs”, explained Burunate Gomez.  Regardless, the only people who joined in on the verbal violence were “only government officials.  They parked 10 police vehicles nearby and began to shout slogans against us.  But everyday neighbors did not show up“.

In fact, th dissident detailed that the dictatorship’s representatives in that zone of Matanzas brought sound equipment in order to blast “revolutionary” music and also lights to point at the house, but they did not have anywhere to connect the speakers or the light bulbs, seeing as no neighbor wanted to provide their house, constituting an acto of non-cooperation against the dictatorship.  All but one neighbor, that is.

Félix Navarro explained that the neighbors “turned off their lights and closed their doors.  The only ones who lent themselves to the vandalism were Regla and Roberto Gambara, a married couple“.  According to the former prisoner and the Lady in White, the Gambara family has a son living in the United States since he left the island on raft 7 years ago.  “Regla and Roberto  receive money and packages from relatives living outside and have even tried to apply for a visa to leave the country through the US Interest Section in Havana, but they have been denied“, added Navarro, highlighting the double-morals of the couple.

“In fact”, continues the activist, “up to the end of the 90’s, the house in which Roberto and Regla now live, there lived two of Roberto’s sisters- Iris and Teresa Gambara.  They both left Cuba for the United States under the status of political refugees… it’s very ironic that now, that same house is being used to mob acts of repudiation against non-violent dissidents who are leading the struggle against totalitarianism and Castro-ism in Cuba“.

The speakers connected to the home of the Gambara family were used to amplify the voices of communist officials who were screaming obscenities at the dissidents, in addition to playing pro-dictatorial music.  Caridad Burunate denounced that “the agents began to carry out their discourse about the 5 spies, saying that they will soon return.  An agent by the name of Jesus Yanez Barrios stood right in front of my porch and screamed some very obscene words at me.  He also called me a worm, accused us of receiving US money and saying that we had sold out our countries“.

That was when the repudiation act came to a conclusion, at around 9 PM.  “I feel very happy“, assured Burunate, “because we were expecting to be repudiated by a large number of people but no neighbor, save for Regla and Roberto, participated“. The Lady in White continued, “we are very happy for our neighbors.  It’s even more proof that the everyday people, not just the dissidents, do not want this dictatorship and does indeed want change.  This was a defeat for the regime“.

Non-Cooperation is an essential element in struggles against totalitarianism and other corrupt systems, as has been witnessed in diverse parts around the world- today and in the past (from racist South Africa, communist Poland, Tunisia under a dictatorship, and even in the United States during the segregationist period are just a few examples of success).

The Burunate family lives amid constant threats and aggressions

Caridad Burunate and her entire family have been targets of attack on behalf of the Castro tyranny for quite some time now.  They have had to witness acts of repudiation against them in a frequent, almost constant, fashion.  In this link, you can see one of these mob attacks organized by the Cuban regime against this dissident family.

Burunate also denounced that her daughters, whom are still adolescents, have also suffered the repression directly.  “One day, my daughter had to leave the house during a mob repudiation attack when agent Jaime Lopez hit her on the back, pulled her hair, and threw her on the floor“.  Other relatives- like her own brother in law- have been imprisoned due to the dissident posture of the family.

In one instance, which only occurred a few days ago, “we were threatened by the political police and State Security, as they threw pig excrement at the house.  One other morning we awoke to a house full of smashed eggs.  On September 24th, during a pots and pans protest, they threw us huge rocks. They nearly hit my daughter on her head“.

Although this has been occurring with frequency, already during the first days of 2012 we can see an intensification of vigilance and repression in Colon, Matanzas, because numerous anti-government signs have been propping up throughout the city.  “The signs say ‘Change’, ‘Democracy’, and ‘It is time for Cuba’“, explains Burunate, who also points out that the signs have appeared anonymously and have not been put up by a dissident group.

This means that the everyday people want change, not just us public dissidents”, reaffirms the Lady in White Caridad Burunate.


Now Caridad Burunate can be followed on Twitter- @CaridadBurunate. Her husband has also opened his own ccount, Francisco Rangel- @JFRangelCuba.  Each passing day, there are more and more Cubans who, through the solidarity of others, overcome and challenge the censorship imposed by the Cuban dictatorship.  

Neighbors Chose to Not Cooperate with Mob Attack Against Lady in White