Another bloody Sunday in Cuba, but the opposition continues defying the dictatorship

Ladies in White in Cardenas, Matanzas. The same ones who were violently beat this Sunday, 21st of July.

State Security and other police sectors of the Cuban regime repeated their violent actions against a number of Ladies in White and male dissidents in the province of Matanzas this Sunday, July 21st, mainly in the cities of Colon and Cardenas.  The news arrived just one week after similar violence on July 14th and after State Security agents had visited a number of work centers in the mentioned cities, convoking ‘corpulent’ people to participate in beatings against the dissidents.

However, the people who were convoked did not participate in the aggressions, according to independent unionist and former political prisoner Ivan Hernandez Carrillo on his Twitter account (@ivanlibre).  For this reason, the police was clearly bothered and once again unleashed a wave of arrests and beatings.  Ivan was one of the victims of repression that morning.

The dissident leader was arrested and beat by political police agents when he stepped out of his home in Colon to show solidarity with the Ladies in White of that area who were being harassed by paramilitary mobs.

Some of the other arrested activists between Colon and Cardenas were Juan Francisco Rangel, Reinier Penates Calzadilla, Francisco Brias Tamayo, Ibrahim Navarro, Emanuel Valles Rodríguez, Jorge Serrano Alfonso, Jesús González Lemus, Rudel Montes de Oca, Javier Erbello, Eduardo Hernández, Marisol Fernández, Batista Rodríguez Rivas, Niurka Rivero, José Hernández Carrillo, Irania Borrego, Nelson Ruiz Alonso, William Acevedo Roque, Yudaimis Hernández, José Hernández López, Elizabeth Pacheco, Juan Carlos Pazos, Eduardo Pacheco, former political prisoners Ángel Moya Acosta and Félix Navarro, as well as the daughter of the latter, Sayli Navarro.

In the majority, if not all, of these cases, after being threatened and beat, the dissidents were abandoned in desolate fields situated miles away from their homes or cities of residence.

Leticia Ramos Herreria, representative of the Ladies in White for Matanzas province and one of the most beat during this police operation, had much to tell about this.  She explains that in Cardenas the violence began after a group of women began their march after Mass at La Parroquia Church.

Since morning hours, there was a large cordon set up by the political police and the National Revolutionary Police (PNR) in front of the church.  There were also many women dressed in civilian clothes but they were really officials“, detailed Ramos. “We walked about a block or so when these people rushed up against us…they began to beat and started to shove us inside police vehicles“.

The detainees were taken individually to the Offices of the Ministry of the Interior (MININT), which Leticia describes as “a place being used lately as a torture center against dissidents, because it is located far away from the city and there no one can see how they beat us“.

In that center, police agents continued to beat the men and women while the guards simply joked around and laughed.  “The guards were laughing as the agents were beating us and together they began to verbally offend us, calling us ‘lesbians’ and threatening to ‘put a finger in our anus’, while the men were called ‘homosexuals’“, denounced Leticia.

One of the officials who beat the Lady in White the most was one known as “Chuly”, a member of the PNR.  She told Ramos that she was going to kill her, specifically by “putting a bullet right through my forehead if I kept assisting Mass and walking on Sundays“.  The same agent who injected Leticia with an unknown substance last Sunday also participated in the aggressions against her once again.

Leticia Ramos shows fracture on her lip after beating. July 21st 2013

There is also the case of Lady in White Odalys Hernandez who has a burn on her neck because they tried to strangle her.  She has bruises on her ribs, her abdomen and in her interior from the kicks she received.  Yamila Senda Ruiz was beat by the same officials who were beating me, while activists Francisco Villa, Manuel Barrio, Nelson Curbelo and others were detained and abandoned in desolate places“, recounts the dissident.

Leticia was abandoned in a place known as Sequeira, more than 20 kilometers from the road which leads to the town of Limonar.  The activist was able to return to her home in Cardenas thanks to the solidarity of an anonymous citizen who drove her back.  Something similar happened to Ivan Hernandez, who wrote on Twitter that a farmer gave him water and drove him back after the activist told him what had happened.  It is precisely this citizen solidarity which gravely worries the dictatorship.

“Today has been a victorious day for us, and a defeat for the tyrant”, wrote Hernandez, “they had to arrest us because they were not able to unify and convoke Cubans to repress us…as much as State Security tried to intimidate and recruit men in Colon for quite some days now, the people did not come to attack us”.

On her part, Leticia once against accused the government for what happened and assured that the official leading the operation was State Security Lieutenant Coronel Joaquin, the same person who masterminded the aggressions last weekend.

“All the blows are the fault of the regime and of Lieutenant Joaquin, who is in charge of this bloody hunt of Ladies in White and peaceful dissidents since last week in the province of Matanzas“, expressed Ramos Herreria, “but if they want to kill us, they are going to have to do it on the streets because the streets belong to the people of Cuba.  And I am Cuban and I am firm in my convictions.  We are all firm.  We will continue going to church and marching“.

Despite the violent atmosphere in Matanzas, it was reported that many Ladies in White in other provinces were able to surpass police cordons and march to and from their respective churches, from East to West of all Cuba.


For more information from Cuba, contact:

Leticia Ramos Herrería – Cell Phone: +52-481-807
Iván Hernández Carrillo – Cell Phone: +52-599-366 / Twitter: @ivanlibre
Sayli Navarro – Cell Phone: +52-731-652 / Twitter: @SayliNavarro

The face of a repressor and the consequences of his actions (Photos)

Photo by: @ivanlibre

This is Joaquin, Lieutenant Colonel of State Security who operates in the province of Matanzas, especially in the areas of Cardenas, Colon and Varadero.  The agent has taken up the task of persecuting dissidents from Matanzas and frequently orders violent actions against these activists.  Recently, this past Sunday, July 14th, Joaquin gave orders to a paramilitary mob to attack a group of Ladies in White and other dissidents in the cities of Cardenas and Colon.  The results were: broken heads and ribs, arrests, peaceful women being dragged through the streets, breaking glowers carried by the Ladies in White and multiple injections with needles containing unknown substances.

Here are just some of the photos of what is described above:

Activist Lazaro Diaz Sanchez with head injury after beating
State organized mobs surrounding home of Lady in White Caridad Burunate
Ladies in White surrounded and harassed by State sponsored mobs
Former political prisoner Felix Navarro showing one of his scars after beating. He also had a fractured rib

Leticia Ramos Herrería, representative of the Ladies in White in Matanzas province, was one of the victims of the arrests and also of the injections at the hands of a State Security agent.  In a denouncement published in this blog previously, Ramos Herreria commented that Joaquin is “a hitman and assassin” and was the one who “organized this operation“.  The renown dissidents said that anything that happens to her, or any other of the activists who were injected, is responsibility of Joaquin, the department which he leads, and in sum, the dictatorship.

Marisol Fernández, Javier Erbello and former political prisoner Iván Hernández Carrillo were some of the other people who were injected during these aggressions.

“Joaquin, Lieutenant Colonel of the political police said: ‘We are just waiting for the orders to kill all of you'”, wrote Hernandez Carillo in a message published on his Twitter account (@ivanlibre).

Government’s brutality isn’t enough to impede Ladies in White and other dissidents from marching

Ladies in White being harassed in city of Colon, Matanzas. Photo: @ivanlibre

Many words or phrases can describe what happened to the Ladies in White and other dissidents at the hands of the political police and State Security on the morning of Sunday, July 14th, in the province of Matanzas, but brutality would be the best choice, considering the amount of punches, kicks, arrests and injections with mysterious substances against peaceful men and women which took place.

One of the main recipients of this state-sponsored violence was Leticia Ramos Herreria, representative of the female group in the central province of Matanzas. Ramos recounts that 11 women in the city of Cardenas carried out their accustomed march in the morning, participating in Mass to pray for the liberation of all political prisoners on the island. But upon stepping out of the temple and just before starting to carry out their march in return, State Security intercepted the demonstration with severe violence.

Leticia explains that they were “intercepted by paramilitary mobs organized by State Security. They tore the flowers we were carrying and then, in my case, they hit me with a piece of wood on the shoulder, which is inflamed right now. I have scratches and bruises all over my body“.

The blows were also for the other 10 women, while Ramos Herreria was victim of a mysterious injection.

A State Security official, whose name I could not confirm but who had beat me previously on March 19th of this year, grabbed and twisted my right arm, put it under hers and pinched me with 3 needles. I have been bleeding in that spot and I do not know what those injections contained“, denounced the dissident, highlighting that during that night she began to feel nauseous and very weak.

The women were “verbally threatened by the police, who told them that if they continued assisting church they were going to kill them, while one woman from the Federation (a government organization) said she was going to cut our faces if we kept marching“. Ramos Herreria also pointed out that “there are other Ladies in White in the city of Cardenas who have bruises on their eyes, scratches on their backs, injuries on their feet and more…it was a brutal attack carried out by State Security officials“.

Marisol Fernández, another member of the Ladies in White, and dissident Javier Erbello, were also injected by needles that morning.

Ramos Herreria said that “anything that may happen to any Lady in White in Matanzas or in any part of Cuba, State Security are the responsible ones. If they injected some sort of virus in me, the culprits are State Security, especially Colonel Joaquin, who is an assassin and who was in charge of the entire operation“.

Former political prisoners Ivan Hernandez Carrillo and Felix Navarro Rodriguez, as well as human rights activist Lazaro Diaz Danchez, suffered the same fate in the city of Colon, Matanzas, when they were beat and arrested alongside other Ladies in White.

(This audio captures the moment these activists were being harassed and beat by paramilitary mobs in Colon. In Spanish, via @mspianoteacher):

Ivan Hernandez informed on his Twitter account (@ivanlibre) when he was released a few hours later, explaining that “they took me to a town called 6 de Agosto. They hit me a lot, especially on my stomach and on my back“.

The dissident adds that “as the agents were beating me they told me: ‘We are just waiting for the orders to kill all of you’“.

Meanwhile, Felix Navarro suffered a fractured rib while Lazaro Diaz Sanchez was injured on his head.

Lazaro Diaz Sanchez after beating. Photo: @SayliNavarro
Felix Navarro after beating. Photo: @SayliNavarro

Another tweet sent by Hernandez Carrillo detailed that 8 Ladies in White were arrested in Pinar del Rio, the westernmost province of Cuba. However, 3 women were able to march and assist Mass there, surpassing police cordons.

In the capital – Havana – 54 Ladies in White marched to and from Santa Rita Catholic Church, while 5 were able to do so in Santa Clara Villa Clara. (In addition to the 12 in Colon and 11 in Cardenas, Matanzas that were able to make it but who suffered repression afterward).

In the Eastern province of Holguin, 26 Ladies in White assisted Mass and 50 of them managed to do so in El Cobre National Shrine in Santiago de Cuba. In Bayamo 5 marched and 11 did so in Guantanamo.

Ciego de Avila province had 4 Ladies in White who arrived to Mass while in Isla de Pinos 2 women marched.

The women dedicated their march that Sunday to the 19th anniversary of the ’13 de Marzo’ Tugboat Massacre, where dozens of children, women and men were gunned down and drowned by regime forces as they tried to flee the country in a tugboat.

The Cuban dictatorship has increased violence against dissidents of all organizations on the island, but all indications point out that this has been due to the strengthening of the pro-freedom movement in the country as well as an increase in its members, as is the case of the Ladies in White.

On her part, Leticia Ramos reiterates that “we will continue going to church on Sunday to pray for the freedom of Cuba and for the liberation of all political prisoners, and we are going to continue demanding that human rights be respected in Cuba. The streets belong to Cubans, and I am Cuban, and I am not leaving from here“.

We are going to keep taking to the streets and going to church. We will keep marching“.

Para mas detalles desde Cuba, contactar a:

Leticia Ramos Herrería – Cell Phone: +52-481-807
Iván Hernández Carrillo – Cell Phone: +52-599-366 / Twitter: @ivanlibre
Sayli Navarro – Cell Phone: +52-731-652 / Twitter: @SayliNavarro

Matanzas: Repressors can’t escape the lens of a camera (Photos)

Technology and social networks once again prove their importance when it comes to Cuba, despite the fact that the totalitarian system practices a severe form of censorship.

Caught on camera above is Kenny Aguero, a State Security agent in the province of Matanzas.  The photo was taken by former political prisoner Ivan Hernandez Carrillo and published on his Twitter account (@ivanlibre).  Aguero operates mainly in the city of Cardenas and is a repressor of dissidents, especially of Ladies in White, such as Leticia Ramos Herreria and Elizabeth Pacheco.  He dedicates himself to persecute this women, verbally offend them, arrest them and beat them without mercy (testimony in this audio). In one of his most recent actions against the opposition, he summoned Marisol Fernandez Socorro, also a Lady in White, to a police unit because of her activism out on the streets.

In the following photo, also published by Hernandez Carrillo, is Aurio Cueto, another collaborator of the regime:

According to Ivan, Cueto testified against him and also activist and former prisoner of conscience Felix Navarro during their trial in the Black Spring of 2003, when 75 journalists were sent to prison.  Both Matanzas natives were sentenced to 25 years behind bars.  Cueto currently continues to keeping a tight vigilance over activists in different cities of Matanzas, as well as helping the police to arrest them for their peaceful activities.

With each photo, each Tweet, and each post in an alternative and free blog, the impunity of the dictatorship continues to dissolve.

For more information from Cuba, contact:
Ivan Hernandez Carrillo- 52-599-366 / Twitter: @ivanlibre

Update: Tense situation for Cuban hunger strikers who demand release of jailed activist (Videos)

Dissident leader Jose Daniel Ferrer weakened during 19th day of hunger strike
Youngest hunger striker, Enrique Lozada (17) during hunger strike

More activists keep joining the massive hunger strike encompassing more than 60 people throughout Eastern Cuba, demanding the release of detained dissident Luis Enrique Lozada Igarza, while the other strikers who have already been refusing to eat for more than 3 weeks maintain their protest, which has led to the deterioration of their health.  The Patriotic Union of Cuba (UNPACU) has been publishing a series of videos and audios in their  YouTube channel with updates on the situation.In this video (above), the youngest of the strikers, 17-year old Enrique Lozada, who is the son of Luis Enrique Lozada, defends his protest before various doctors sent by the government to try and make him give up on his demands in the Juan Bruno Zayas hospital of Santiago de Cuba.

“With the level of stress I have  right now, knowing that my mother is also on hunger strike, as well as my uncle, seeing as how my family is being torn apart, do you really think I feel like living?”, the young Cuban tells the team of doctors, “Why am I going to live knowing that my father is dying in a prison cell because of a crime he never committed?  Knowing that my family is falling to pieces”.

The video concludes with the protest of various hunger strikers that are present in that room.  They point out that the regime has ignored their demands and has not even acknowledged the situation of Luis Enrique Lozada and the other strikers.

In this audio (above), Darmis Aguedo, wife of Luis Enrique Lozada, mother of Enrique, and also on hunger strike, explains that she was able to see her husband recently in the Provincial Hospital of Santiago.  She said he was being held in an “isolated” room and under the “permanent” custody of two armed police guards.  They were able to speak for a few minutes.  She said he was still strong in spirit but his health proved otherwise, as he has lots of weight due to the hunger strike.

Meanwhile, independent journalist Alexei Jimenez informed on his Twitter account (@jugandomelavida) that the hunger strikers in Holguin- Franklin Peregrino del Toro and Pedro Leiva Gongora– were taken to a hospital for a few hours on the night of May 5th.  Berta Guerrero, a member of the Ladies in White and wife of Franklin Peregrino, offered more details.  She said both strikers had been denied medical assistance various times.

On the afternoon of Sunday May 5th, various activists directed themselves to the nearest medical center, asking for an ambulance for Pergrino and Leiva but the medical employees ignored them.  A few hours later, a doctor finally showed up at the house, taking both dissidents to the Lenin Hospital to be hydrated.  Guerrero explains that the health of the Holguin hunger strikers- whom have already been in their protest for 15 days- has drastically weakened but that they will maintain their protest “until Lozada Igarza is freed”.  In Gibara (Holguin), another 4 activists have joined the strike.  The response of the political police has been to organize acts of repudiation against them.

Solidarity with the hunger strikers on behalf of the internal opposition has been national, however.  In Palma Soriano, various UNPACU members recently carried out a public march, demanding Luis Enrique’s liberation, as can be observed in the following video:

Former political prisoners of conscience Ángel Moya Acosta and Félix Navarro Rodríguez were able to travel to Santiago de Cuba to show solidarity with Enrique Lozada, Ana Celia Rodriguez, Jose Daniel Ferrer and other strikers this Sunday, May 5th, while the Ladies in White dedicated their Sunday march to Luis Enrique Lozada.

On the morning of May 6th, former political prisoner Jorge Luis Garcia Perez ‘Antunez’, leader of the Orlando Zapata Tamayo National Resistance Front, published a declaration in the name of the mentioned pro-freedom coalition in solidarity with the hunger striking activists.

As for the international scene, several activists have created a petition directed to Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and other organizations so that there be an increase in solidarity with the case of Luis Enrique Lozada, his family, and all the strikers who have put their lives at risk for freedom.  The petition can be signed by clicking here.

The cell phones of more than 40 dissidents in Cuba, the majority members of UNPACU, have been blocked in the past couple of days in order to prevent them from publishing information about the strike.  Regardless, activists have been reporting the details any possible way they can.  The lives of all those who are taking part in this strike are in danger, but they have all said they will continue onward, pressuring the dictatorship to free a Cuban who has not committed a crime and is being held behind bars.

“Urgent Solidarity” with Lady in White Ana Celia Rodriguez, one of the hunger strikers. Artwork by Rolando Pulido

Ladies in White movement turns 10 as they march throughout Cuba on Easter Sunday

Ladies in White march in Havana on March 31st 2013. Photo by @jangelmoya

Numerous Ladies in White defied police operations and marched throughout Cuba this Easter Sunday, March 31st, to mark the religious date and also to celebrate the 10th anniversary in which they were founded as a movement composed by the mothers, wives, daughters, sisters, aunts and other relatives of the political prisoners rounded up and jailed during the Black Spring.  Various arrests of these women were reported at the hands of the political police this Sunday as well.

Laura Labrada, daughter of the fallen leader and founder of the group, Laura Pollan, kicked off the march in the capital, Havana, carrying a photo of her mother.  A total of 54 women were present in this march.  They were also able to assist Easter Mass at the Santa Rita Church according to former political prisoner of conscience Angel Moya Acosta on his Twitter account (@jangelmoya).  Moya added that more than 35 male dissidents accompanied the women.  

Sayli Navarro, a young member of the group and daughter of former political prisoner Felix Navarro, tweeted (@SayliNavarro) that a total of 20 Ladies in White marched and assisted Mass in the province of Matanzas.

Ladies in White outside of church in Cardenas, Matanzas. March 31st 2013. Photo by @SayliNavarro

Meanwhile, in the Eastern region of the country, the political police arrested a total of 24 women between Saturday and Sunday, according to Jose Daniel Ferrer Garcia, leader of the Patriotic Union of Cuba (UNPACU).  Among the detainees was his 15 year old daughter, Martha Beatriz Ferrer Cantillo.

In the case of Martha Beatriz, she was detained twice“, explained Ferrer, “she was first detained when she head out from Palmarito de Cauto alongside 3 other Ladies in White to the El Cobre Shrine during morning hours.  She was forcefully returned to her home in Palmarito de Cauto and decided to once again head out to the Shrine.  She was detained again“.

The majority of the other detainees were from Santiago de Cuba, Mella and Contramaestre.

Regardless, a total of 43 Ladies in White marched to Mass in the Cobre National Shrine according to the dissident leader, “despite all the repressive actions against them“.

The Ladies in White have proven to be one of the most active and successful pro-freedom movements on the island during the past 10 years.  The majority of their members were not public activists when their relatives were arbitrarily arrested and sentenced to years in prison in 2003.  However, these women took to the streets just days after to demand the release of their loved ones.  From that moment on, the police unleashed a repressive wave against them, consisting of beatings, arrests, and in the majority of the cases, the expulsion of their work centers.

The  group has been internationally awarded and acknowledged and they have also been able to practice a significant amount of pressure against the regime, up to the point where their relatives have had to be freed as well as many other political prisoners.  Throughout the years, women throughout the country who are not related to any political prisoner but who support and compose the internal opposition began to march alongside the Ladies in White.  They became known as “The Ladies of Support“.  Eventually, the leaders of the group declared them all Ladies in White.

Laura Pollan, founder and leader of the movement, was taken to her untimely death by the Cuban regime, according to relatives and fellow members of the internal resistance.  Yet, Berta Soler has successfully assumed the role of leader of the group, which has only grown and strengthened in recent times.

The Ladies in White have become very active throughout the entire week“, highlighted Jose Daniel Ferrer, explaining that not only do these women march on Sundays, but also carry out social activities for impoverished citizens and underage children.

State violence has not been able to impede these women from gaining public space and the respect of everyday citizens throughout the country.

Despite arrests, Ladies in White march on Palm Sunday

This Sunday, March 24th 2013- Palm Sunday- Ladies in White marched to their respective churches throughout the country as they do each week to pray for the liberation of all political prisoners.  However, the religious date did not keep the political police from carrying out a number of arrests of these women.  

20 dissidents walked alongside 54 Ladies in White who marched down Miramar’s 5th Avenue, in Havana, toward the Santa Rita Church, where they were able to participate in Mass, according to a tweet by former political prisoner Angel Moya Acosta (@jangelmoya).

Ivan Hernandez Carrillo, also a former political prisoner, detailed in his Twitter account (@ivanlibre) that a total of 20 women marched and made it to Mass in the province of Matanzas- 4 in the city of Colon, 1 in Central Espana, 2 in El Roque, 2 in Perico and 11 in Cardenas.

Sayli  Navarro, activist and daughter of former political prisoner Felix Navarro, published some photos of Ladies in White marching in Matanzas on her Twitter account (@SayliNavarro):

Ladies in White in Colon. Published by @SayliNavarro
Ladies in White in Cardenas. Published by @SayliNavarro

In Ciego de Avila province, 2 Ladies participated in Mass on Palm Sunday, while in Sancti Spiritus 1 made it.

11 women marched and assisted Mass in Guantanamo, and 2 were arbitrarily arrested at the Check Point of Caimanera, according to Sayli Navarro.

Meanwhile, Lady in White Jaquelin Garcia reported that in Granma province various women were detained but 1 managed to make it to church.  She was not able to march in the morning but assisted evening Mass.

In Santiago de Cuba a total of 41 Ladies in White arrived to El Cobre Shrine, though another 16 suffered arrests at the hands of the State Police.

It was once again proven that the political police is not capable of even respecting a religious date which this female group observes, and at the same time, the same repressive organs prove that they continue fearing a group of women dressed in white, flowers at hand.

Ladies in White in Guantanamo. Published by @SayliNavarro

Former Political Prisoner and His Daughter Denounce Arrest and Confiscation of their Equipment. They Demand a Response.

Former political prisoner of conscience Felix Navarro (left) and his daughter, independent journalist Sayli Navarro

Father and daughter, Felix Navarro Rodriguez and Sayli Navarro– the first a former political prisoner and the latter an independent journalist- were arrested together along with the activist Nelson Ruiz, all of which belong to the Pedro Luis Boitel Movement for Democracy, this  Saturday August 25th when they were traveling from their city of residence- Perico- towards Calimente, in the province of Matanzas.

Police agents pulled over the vehicle the three were traveling aboard and arrested them.  Sayli Navarro managed to send out a Twitter message during the arrest.  “They are taking me and my dad on Police Vehicle # 208“, she said.  The young Cuban was also able to snap a photo in the backseat of the police vehicle.

Inside police vehicle during arrest, photo taken by Sayli Navarro

Meanwhile, Nelson Ruiz was shoved into another police car.  All were taken to the Police Unit of Calimete, where they were kept for various hours.

After the arrest, both Felix and Sayli denounced that their laptop computer was confiscated by the agents.  In fact, Navarro Rodriguez penned a letter to Matanza’s fiscal department, denouncing the crime and citing major Yaidel Diaz Gonzalez as the main culprit of the confiscation of Sayli’s personal laptop.

The mentioned agent [Yaidel Diaz Gonzalez] demands that we show him the paperwork stating that we own the computer in order to have it back“, explained the former political prisoner in his letter, “But how is it possible to ask this when there is no complaint filed saying that the computer has been stolen in the first place?

Navarro Rodriguez has written a series of letters to various members of the fiscal department in Cuba as of January, condemning and demanding justice for arbitrary arrests, forced evictions and theft of technological items carried out by the state police.  Each and every one of his inquiries and demands have been completely ignored by the authorities.

Jose Guerrero shows some of the wounds he was left with. Photo via Sayli Navarro

Meanwhile, on the morning of August 27th, two unidentified men assaulted and beat activist Jose Alberto Guerrero Roque, also a member of the Pedro Luis Boitel Movement, in the city of Perico. After the beating, which consisted of various punches on the victim’s head, the aggressors took off on bicycles.  Although the men were not identified, activists from Matanzas province are blaming State Security for the violence, considering that it is very common for this extension of the regime to utilize common criminals to attack dissidents on the island.  For example, in May of 2012, State Security agent Eric Francis Aquino Yera told a common prisoner to tell activist Damaris Moya Portieles in Santa Clara that he was going to rape her 5 year old daughter.  Also, in acts of repudiation throughout the country,  common prisoners and common criminals on the street  have been identified participating in the violence,  yelling offensive slogans and throwing objects at dissident homes. And not to mention, even beating the human rights defenders.

Despite the beating and the fact that the laptop was stolen, the Cuban regime “has not been able to keep the Pedro Luis Boitel Movement from growing“, said another Tweet from Felix Navarro (@felixncuba).

Sayli’s cellphone remained blocked for various days after the incident, but as soon as she was able to re-establish the service, she continued Tweeting (@Saylinavarro): “We will continue in the struggle in our island; there is no such thing as an eternal dictatorship“.

Felix Navarro Rodriguez assured in another Tweet about how the Cuban dictatorship is increasing its violence due to the fear it feels upon seeing so much peaceful activism in favor of Cuba’s freedom in all provinces from East to West, explaining that both dissidents and the oppressors “are preparing themselves for the final battle“.

Video Shows Repudiation and Arrest of Ex Political Prisoner in Matanzas

Approximately one week ago, a number of arrests of peaceful dissidents of the Pedro Luis Boitel Party for Democracy were carried out by the political police in order to impede these activists from meeting in the home of former political prisoner Felix Navarro in Perico, Matanzas.  Navarro himself was eventually arrested, simply for offering his home as the center for holding the meeting with these Cubans who just had plans to debate about their pro-democracy activism.

In the video published along with this post, one can see how Navarro’s home is surrounded by mobs organized by the Cuban regime, who shout pro-dictatorship slogans and do not even let the dissident speak.  At the end of the video, a police vehicle arrives on the scene and takes the former prisoner of conscience to a detention center.


Tweet of the Day

Today we share a Tweet which has been published from the province of Matanzas, Cuba by Sayli Navarro, daughter of former political prisoner Felix Navarro and independent journalist in her own right.  In this Tweet, Sayli sends out a message oh hope for Cuba:


@SayliNavarro: Some day, not too far, my #Cuba will be free.  Today, I feel so much pain upon seeing my island enslaved for so many years.  Let us rescue our rights

Follow Sayli Navarro, with important news from Matanzas and other areas of Cuba, through Twitter at @SayliNavarro!


In the vast majority of cases, Twitter is used freely and frequently throughout the world by all sorts of users.  It is a message which is instantaneously published on the internet (which is limited to 140 characters) and deals with any subject which the user wishes to discuss, whether it be social, entertainment, humor, science, politics, commentary, etc.  In Cuba, Twitter messages cost users 1 CUC (national currency) each and are only possible through phone text messages, unless the user has access to the internet (a rare Case in Cuba, considering the tight state censorship practiced over the web).  In many cases, friends who have joined in solidarity in the exterior of the island help these Twitter users to publish their messages.