Alvarez Guedes: The laughter that will keep cheering us up

I think the majority of children and grandchildren of Cuban exiles grew up with their families listening to the jokes of comedian Guillermo Alvarez Guedes – best known simply as Alvarez Guedes.  I also think the majority of these same younger Cubans have, at some point, heard their parents or grandparents compare a real life situation to one of his jokes.  “This is just like that one joke by Alarez Guedes“, they tend to say…

But it is not only exiles who enjoyed his funny stories and sayings, but instead Cubans as a whole.  Including those who, in the island, had to clandestinely share cassettes and CDs with his jokes.  They were not able to detain the laughter.

Now, on July 30th 2013, Alvarez Guedes has left us…physically.  Without a doubt, very sad news.  But then again, not that sad, because his jokes continue among us.  In fact, in good Cuban slang, on his Twitter account (alvaresguedes) Alvarez had recently written “God, please kill me before I become an inept old man“.  Those who knew him knew that this was typical of him.

Sometimes  there are certain things that written words can’t capture, and because of that, I’ll just post a few links to jokes by this master of Cuban comedy, whom the communist system failed miserably at censuring.  That same regime which deeply fears humor and free thought.

Thanks for the laughs, Alvarez Guedes!

Alvarez Guedes: The laughter that will keep cheering us up

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