Soccer game suspended in Baracoa because of anti-regime sign in stadium

Authorities in the Eastern city of Baracoa suspended some soccer games in the Manuel Fuentes Borges Stadium after they found at least one sign with anti-regime messages, according to activist Francisco Luis Manzanet, president of the Juan Pablo II Dissident Movement and also member of the Eastern Democratic Alliance.

Last week in Baracoa, when the municipalities’ soccer team was about to play a game, workers started removing the bases set up there for baseball matches when they found a sign under second base that said ‘Down with Fidel, Down with Raul and Down with Communism’“, said Manzanet.

The dissident explains that this led to the presence of various National Revolutionary Police (PNR) and State Security agents who entered the stadium in search of explanations.

In addition, the Provincial Sports Director suspended the soccer game temporarily  in that stadium“, he said.  But this decision visibly bothered the soccer players as well as the locals who take a liking for the sport more each day.

This has caused unconformity on behalf of the athletes and of the people in general“, explains Manzanet.

Meanwhile, the activist also confirmed that the political police has been investigating each and every one of the stadium employees and, as of now, they have not found the “culprit“.

Cases such as these, of the apparition of anti-regime signs in different public places of different regions of the island, are being reported with much more frequency according to activists and everyday Cuban citizens.

For more information form Cuba, contact:
Francisco Luis Manzanet – Cell Phone: +58-325-844

Soccer game suspended in Baracoa because of anti-regime sign in stadium

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