Video captures State-sponsored harassment against jailed dissident rapper (English subtitles)

A new video published by the Patriotic Union of Cuba (UNPACU) on the YouTube channel of Ana Belkis Ferrer shows the repressive methods utilized by the Cuban regime against currently jailed dissident rapper Angel Yunier Remon Arzuaga, “El Critico”, in Bayamo.

Friends and family of Remon have been denouncing the situation the young activist has been going through since last March after various detentions and a House raid.  Now, these denouncements are proven in the new video which document the events which preceded his arrest.  The video has been subtitled in English (my translation):

Remon’s home was attacked multiple times by police officials with tar and other materials.  The results of such actions can be seen in the first half of the video.  His response was to paint the phrase “I do not commit any crimes, that is why I am free.  Down with the rob-alution”.  Eventually, after another attack, the rapper writes “Down with the dictatorship” in large and visible letters right on the Street in front of his House.  The police then says agents to cover the message while they also convoke an act of repudiation against the dissident.

However, the vast majority of neighbors do not take part in shouting offensive slogans at Remon and he proceeds to talk to them about their rights, the repression of the dictatorship and calls of them to not feel fear because he knows that they do not support the regime.  He invites the onlookers to pass by his House to pick up “pro-freedom literature” which is banned on the island.

Remon also offers a moving and brave discourse about Cuba’s “beautiful history” which was “destroyed by the Castro dictatorship” and urges citizens to wake up from the lethargy imposed by the system.

These are the reasons why a young Cuban rapper is currently behind bars in the Las Mangas Prison of Bayamo.

#PassItOn for Angel Yunier Remon.

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