Cuban youth group launches new YouTube Channel

The Cuban Youth Movement for Democracy (MCJD), a pro-freedom group made up of young activists in different regions of the country, has launched their own YouTube channel, where they will publish videos of activities they carry out as well as videos which show the Cuban reality, according to the president of the group, Eriberto Liranza Romero.

The first video which MCJD has published was one where some of its members are turning in a document demanding an end to the Law of Pre-Criminal Social Dangerousness to the General Fiscal Office of the Republic (Havana).  The law dictates that any person who is suspicious of possibly committing a crime in the near future could be sent to prison.  The same law has taken thousands of young Cubans to prisons arbitrarily.  MCJD carried out a campaign of debates this past 23rd and 24th of April with young Cubans throughout the country in regards to the law.  The majority of the participants agreed that the law should be abolished. They drafted a document with the same demands, including numerous signatures.

Eriberto Liranza presents the video, where 3 activists hand in the document with signatures, surprisingly without suffering arrests, although towards the end a guard orders the person filming to stop doing so:

You can check out MCJD’s new channel by searching  for “CubaMCJD” on YouTube.

Cuban youth group launches new YouTube Channel

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