17-year old Enrique Lozada calls upon the youth, assures that “Cuba will soon be free”

Enrique Lozada Aguedo

Seventeen-year old Enrique Lozada Aguedo has proven to be a representation of Cuba’s future, of so many youths that have been abandoned by the totalitarian system and who are full of hope, despite the repressive tactics of the regime.  Being the youngest of the more than 60 UNPACU strikers during the month of April and May, he made it very clear that he was willing to die to the freedom of his father, Luis Enrique Lozada Igarza, and to demand that human rights be respected and upheld.

But what worries the Cuban dictatorship the most is not that the activist is willing to die, but that he is willing to live, for a new nation.

Now, Enrique sends out an important message.  He calls on the Cuban youth to defend their rights and assures that, very soon, there will be freedom in Cuba, because there are many who are willing to fight for it.  That’s what he had to say after more than 3 weeks on hunger strike, with a seriously affected health, but with a very strong spirit.  Listen to his message, in Spanish, below:

Transcription and English translation, here:

“I am seventeen years old.  I want to call on the youth of the world, not just the ones in my country.  I want to convoke them so that they manifest themselves against the injustices that daily attempt against family harmony.  I want to call on them to take a stand against all injustices that constantly go against our families, because we must fight against violence, against all things that violate our dignity and our morals.

I want to tell the Cuban authorities and the Cuban dictatorship that neither the beatings nor the imprisonments will stop us from demanding our rights.  We are going to keep demanding freedom, we are going to keep speaking up for a Cuba where there is democracy, and we are even willing to give our lives for our country, for the land where we were born, for our sky, we are willing to do it.

To the civilized world, where there is democracy and freedom, I say that Cuba will soon be free, and soon, in Cuba there will be social justice.  Cuba will soon be democratic.”

3 thoughts on “17-year old Enrique Lozada calls upon the youth, assures that “Cuba will soon be free””

  1. This Cuban teen has more Balls than the Castro family put together. He is the future of a Free, Democratic Cuba. We pray that the young people of Cuba understand..that Socialism has been and will always be the chains of Slavery !

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