Carromero: Paya’s family has the truth in regards to his death last year

“” reports that Angel Carromero, Spanish politician who was in the vehicle where Oswaldo Paya and Harold Cepero died under strange circumstances in July of last year in Cuba, has reaffirmed Paya’s version of the events, which state that the death of the dissident leader was no accident.  Carromero also says that an international investigation of the incidents will take place.  My translation: 

Carromero reaffirms the version of Paya’s family in regards to the dissident’s death

The Vice-Secretary of Madrid’s “Nuevas Generaciones”, Angel Carromero, has reaffirmed the information which Oswaldo Paya’s family has in reference to the incident where the Cuban dissident lost his life and where he was involved.  The reaffirmation came after he was asked for his version of the events.

The declarations were made during Carromero’s first interview with the Spanish media after returning to the country after he was sentenced in Cuba for Paya’s death and have also coincided with a tribute to Paya carried out by the Popular Party of Rivas Vaciamadrid in the Council of the mentioned city, with the presence of various relatives of the dissident as well as the president of Madrid’s PP, Esperanza Aguirre.

When asked how he was doing, the Spaniard said “very well”, and in regards to his thoughts while seeing images of Oswaldo Paya during the event he pointed out that he felt “much emotion” because “he was a significant figure for Cuba and all the Cuban people”.

“He was hope…and what I want is that the Cuban people may have many people like Oswaldo Paya who only wanted freedom for all those people and for all those families”, he signaled.

In regards to his opinion on what happened on the day of the accident where Paya lost his life, he limited himself to say that he “reaffirms” the information which the dissident’s family has.  They have precisely been denouncing this for months, saying that since the very beginning they are sure that the incident was no casual accident.  “I continue supporting what the family has said”, he explains.  As for if he believes there will be justice, he replies “an international investigation will go underway”.

The original report, in Spanish, here.

Carromero: Paya’s family has the truth in regards to his death last year

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