“I am not afraid to die for my father’s freedom”: Youngest hunger striker speaks (VIDEO)

“We demand the release of Luis Enrique Lozada”. Artwork by Rolando Pulido

In a video recorded by the Patriotic Union of Cuba (UNPACU), Enrique Lozada speaks during his third week on hunger strike, a protest started to demand the release of his father, activist Luis Enrique Lozada Igarza, violently arrested by the political police last April 9th in Maffo, Contramaestre.  Luis Enrique is also on hunger strike and is being confined in inhumane conditions in the Aguadores Prison of Santiago de Cuba.

More than 60 other dissidents have declared themselves on strike with the same motive, including dissident leader Jose Daniel Ferrer Garcia.  At age 17, Enrique is the youngest striker of the group.  In this video, one can see that he is clearly weakened and already affected, health-wise, by the protest.

His spirit, however, remains intact.

“I am not afraid to die knowing that I am defending and fighting for my father’s freedom”, the young Lozada says in this video, “I prefer to die than to know my father is in prison without having committed a crime”.

All of the hunger strikers have had a drastic decline in their health, while the Cuban government has so far ignored their demands and has been torturing Luis Enrique Lozada, mentally and physically.

At this point, solidarity is crucial.

Here is the video (by UNPACU) with English subtitles (my translation):

3 thoughts on ““I am not afraid to die for my father’s freedom”: Youngest hunger striker speaks (VIDEO)”

  1. Excellent work! Thank you so much for taking the time to translate the video.

    On behalf of our brothers and sisters of UNPACU, on hunger strike for the freedom of Luis Enrique Lozada Igarza, and all Cuban political prisoners, including the more than 30 members of UNPACU in prison at this time. I thank you for your help in sharing with the world, the horrible tragedy that our people are living inside our island prison of Cuba.

    Estela Barreras

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