CSIC calls on Cuban workers to not participate in State-run May 1st Parade

The Cuban Coalition of Independent Unions (CSIC), a group which demands the rights of Cuban workers and unions, has called on all Cuban workers to not participate in the May 1st parade, which the regime promotes every year on that date to mark International Workers Day. This event is used by the government to spread false propaganda of a country where worker’s rights are respected. Below is the declaration:




In 1886, the blood of the martyrs of Chicago fertilized the path of recognition for the working class.  Their first victory: an 8 hour work shift.  In 1939 the Confederation of Cuban Workers (CTC) was born, grouping the most important union leaders of the times, achieving success in the Cuban workers movement, where union rights were a reality until they disappeared when the single and governmental Cuban Workers Central (CTC) was formed, whose General Secretariat is a member of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC), moving farther away from union leadership each time, staying away from representing the essential problems which affect our selfless Cuban workers.

The CSIC congratulates all Cuban workers, reaffirming that they have the right to be a part of independent unions and to instill the necessity of truly representing workers within the unionist movement.

Considering the level of oppression which the working class is subjected to, the Cuban Coalition of Independent Unions (CSIC) calls on workers to NOT ASSIST THE MAY 1ST MARCH.

And also:

  • Demand a debate in regards to the Workers Code Project, which will come in effect in the next few months.  Its legal contents have still not been made public.
  • Allow all self-employed workers to create independent unions of the CTC, which respond to their work objectives
  • Give professionals the right to work independently, outside of the work shift established, and in the specialty in which they are trained
  • To not limit human creativity in the sphere of self-employment
  • Demand state unions to defend workers from administrative injustices
  • Demand the fulfillment of the International Work Norms (NIT) from the International Work Organization (OIT), of which Cuba signed.
  • Revise cases of social assistance for the homeless
  • Lower the prices of items of basic necessity
  • Establish just one currency with which workers could acquire indispensable products in order to subsist
  • The right of workers to carry out strikes

WE CALL ALL UNIONS TO UNITE IN DIVERSITY, the only path to achieve the goals and objectives for which so many generations have fought for.

We remain firmly committed with the working class, with democracy, with civil society, for the respect of human valor and with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

We are seeking peace, tranquility, and unity and benefits for the Cuban working class.  This is our best tribute to the martyrs of Chicago.


April 3rd 2013


Cuban Coalition of Independent Unions (CSIC)

Long live the Cuban working class!

Long live the Cuban Coalition of Independent Unions!

María Elena Mir Marrero.
Secretary General
National Independent Confederation of Cuban Workers (CONIC)

Maybell Padilla Pérez
Secretary General
Unitarian Council of Cuban Workers (CUTC)

Iván Hernández Carrillo
SEcretary General
Confederation of Independent Workers of Cuba (CTIC)

CSIC calls on Cuban workers to not participate in State-run May 1st Parade

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