The Corner of the Indignant, an independent sales spot, turns 1 despite repudiation and repression (Videos)

The Corner of the Indignant, an independent sales point established by Lady in White and activist Rosario Morales la Rosa, best known as “Charito”, turned 1 year old this 10th of April. Morales has withstood all kinds of repudiation and repression on behalf of the State during her time managing her small store which carries house products. On the eve of it’s anniversary, the political police organized three aggressive acts of repudiation against her.

The Cuban mother explains that the first act of repudiation occurred during afternoon hours right in front of The Corner, located on Villa Panamericana in Havana. “A mob made up by members of the Communist Party, members of the Committee for the Defense of the Revolution, teachers and students of primary and secondary schools, and athletes carried out an intense act of repudiation against me which lasted about two hours“.

A second act took place minutes later. However, Rosario Morales stayed firm in her small sales point.

The mobs wanted to rip off my shirt which had the word ‘Change’ written on it”, the dissident told this blog, adding that the mentioned shirt serves as her ‘uniform’ while she works in The Corner. She was pushed and some of the people pulled her shirt, although they didn’t manage to rip it off of her. “In fact, they even screamed at me telling they were going to leave me without clothes“.

When the government-organized activity came to an end, Charito decided to return to her home in Cojimar. There, at around 8 PM, another mob was organized by State Security, this time even more violent in their insults.

“The people in this third mob were carrying stick and rocks“, recounted Morales, “they started to shout offensive slogans at me, and also screamed ‘mercenary’, ‘worm’, ‘down with the rotten roots’, and ‘use a machete on her, she’s alone‘”. They also shouted messages such as “Long Live Hugo Chavez” (of Venezuela) and “The street belongs to Fidel”.

The third act of repudiation lasted from 8 PM to 9:30 PM, approximately.

Former political prisoner Ivan Hernandez Carrillo later published on his Twitter account (@ivanlibre) various videos of the acts of repudiation:

On that same day, activist Ernesto Ulloa was also harassed by police. Morales said she thought the repression was due to the fact that various anti-regime signs and graffiti appeared that morning on Villa Panamericana with messages such as “Down with Hunger” and “Down with the regime”. There were also writings which demanded freedom for Calixto Ramon Martinez Arias, jailed journalist who was actually released that night after 7 months of confinement.

Charito does not dismiss that the repudiation was also a message on the first anniversary of her store. The Corner of the Indignant sells home products at low prices, such as towels, bags, and coffee. Morales explains that on various occasions people who have participated in acts of repudiation against her go to her establishment to obtain products which are far too expensive in State outlets. Instead of refusing to offer them her services, Morales sells it to them or, in many cases, even gives it to them for free.

The Lady in White has been fined, arrested, harassed and beaten not only for her activism within the internal opposition but also because of her independent store, which is quite popular amongst locals.

At around 4 PM on Wednesday, April 10th, Ivan Hernandez reported that the regime was preparing yet another act of repudiation against Morales la Rosa, which would make it the 4th in less than 24 hours.

“In these very moments, the regime is organizing another act of repudiation in front of Charito’s home. This would be the 4th”, detailed the message. Another tweet minutes later said “according to her son Reinier, agents are building a stage with microphones and speakers in front of their house to repudiate them”.

Everything seems to indicate that the system’s repression against Charito will increase, but so too will the operation of The Corner of the Indignant and the activism of its manager.

For more information from Cuba, contact:
Rosario Morales la Rosa- Cell Phone: +53-857-319
Iván Hernández Carrillo- Cell Phone: +52-599-366 / Twitter: @ivanlibre

The Corner of the Indignant, an independent sales spot, turns 1 despite repudiation and repression (Videos)

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