Lady in White, rapper, and other relatives still detained in Bayamo

Dissident rapper Angel Yunier Remon Arzuaga (“El Critico de Arte”), his aunt Jaqueline Garcia Jaenz (Lady in White) and 3 other relatives remain detained in Bayamo since last 26th of March.

Jose Daniel Ferrer Garcia, leader of the Patriotic Union of Cuba (UNPACU), a pro-freedom group which Remon Arzuaga is also member of, confirmed to this blog that the musician and his relatives are being accused by the political police “of supposed crimes of ‘attempt’, ‘resistance’ and ‘contempt’“.

The police raided the home of Remon and Garcia Jaenz a couple of days ago, confiscating cell phones, cameras, and chargers. The rapper spent various days detained and was released on the 25th. Upon returning to his home, he used tar to paint pro-freedom messages on his porch, which led to another violent arrest. When his relatives, among them Jaqueline Garcia, came out in his defense, were all detained. Very little is known about their current conditions.

In a tweet dated April 1st, Ferrer Garcia wrote “Jacqueline Garcia and Yunier Remon are two of the most persecuted activists in the Eastern region”.

Relatives and activists have expressed worry for Remon and the rest of the detainees, fearing that they could be sentenced to years in prison because of their pro-freedom stance.

Angel Yunier Remon and Jaqueline Garcia

Meanwhile, Ferrer Garcia denounces that repression has increased against other members of UNPACU this past weekend.

On Saturday, March 30th and Sunday the 31st, various activists of UNPACU were violently detained and beaten by the political police“, said the dissident, “On Saturday, activists Wilbert Parada Milan and Roberto Hernandez Barrio, were violently arrested. In the case of Parada Milan he received so many physical blows that he had a serious injury on his head. He had to have 7 stitches. In the case of Hernandez Barrio, he has a cast on his arm, but it hasn’t been confirmed if it was a fracture or if it was dislocated“.

In the town of Gibara, the municipal secretary of UNPACU Antonio Caballero Pupo also suffered an arrest on Sunday.

Caballero was accused by the police of having put up the signs that morning. They had messages in favor of change, democracy, fair salaries for workers, justice and dignified homes“.

Ferrer highlights that although the repressive actions of the dictatorship’s forces are increasing, so too is the public activism on behalf of the dissidents.

For example, in Havana- in the areas of Vedado and ‘Old Havana’- a number of signs and graffiti appeared, signed by UNPACU, this Sunday. They demanded freedom for all detainees, change, respect for Human Rights, as well as the democratization of our nation“, he said.

The apparitions of similar signs were also confirmed on Saturday in Mella, Palma Soriano and Santiago de   Cuba.

We have been handing out pamphlets and other printed materials to the everyday population, taking them information and inviting them to join our cause“, said Ferrer.

For more information from Cuba, contact:
José Daniel Ferrer García – Cell Phone: +53-146-740 / Twitter: @jdanielferrer


Lady in White, rapper, and other relatives still detained in Bayamo

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