Dissidents impart classes on civility and human rights out on the street

The Cuban political police impeded members of the Patriotic Union of Cuba (UNPACU) from getting in to one of the headquarters of the pro-freedom group in the La Ceiba neighborhood of Palma Soriano (which is also the home of activist Victor Campa Almenares) this past Sunday, March 17th.  The dissidents had plans to hold a meeting inside the house to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Black Spring, but they instead decided to take their activity out to the street when they were continuously blocked from entering the house.

Yuniesky Domínguez González, one of the dissidents present, told this blog that they were surrounded by agents just a block away from the house.  “At that moment, we decided to impart a class about human rights, civility, and social awareness, to the neighbors who were passing by and the oppressors.  We started to explain the different Human Rights articles“.

In addition to Yuniesky, the other activists present were Ángel Luna, Rubén de Armas, Juan Carlos Figuerola Cala and Yanelis Espain, all from UNPACU. They were surrounded on Camilo Cienfuegos street, in La Ceiba neighborhood.
Little by little, our class caught the attention of more neighbors.  They kept getting closer to us“, says Dominguez, adding that it was something that really upset the authorities.  “One State Security agent who I could not identify tried to provoke me so that I would fight with him.  He was cursing at me and mocking me“, explained the dissident, but he assures that he maintained his peaceful posture and ignored the insults.  “These are the methods the political police uses under the orders of the Castro regime.  They are old methods, and very few times do they yield results for them“, expressed Yuniesky, referring to police officials who beat, offend and try to blackmail activists so that they respond in the same manner- with violence- and that way film them or snap a photo of them to accuse them of crimes like “attempt” and “disobedience”, thus being able to sentence them to prison.  However, the majority of times the police doesn’t even turn to these methods and simply jails whoever they desire.The surrounded activists continued their class, which was accepted by a number of neighbors. Though they were not detained, they were eventually turned back and returned to their homes.“We Cuban dissidents know that we cannot fall into the trap.  We are peaceful and we respectfully fight for freedom and democracy in our country“, concluded Dominguez Gonzalez.

For more information from Cuba, contact:

Yuniesky Domínguez González – Cell Phone: +52-997-961

Dissidents impart classes on civility and human rights out on the street

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