Berta Soler: “Yes to Cuba, No to Castro” (Video)

In a conference in Spain this Tuesday, March 12th, a defender of the Cuban dictatorship interrupted a speech by Berta Soler, leader of the Ladies in White, while others protested with a sign defending the revolution and with the image of Che Guevara, shouting insults to those present such as “parasites” and “fascists”.

In response to the act of repudiation, Berta Soler’s response was peaceful, yet firm, just like the marches these women carry out in Cuba. Soler pulled out a shirt from her purse with the phrase “Yes to Cuba, No to Castro” written on it. This phrase was then repeated by the audience to the point that no one could hear the communist propaganda being shouted by those who interrupted the event. Various names of dissidents assassinated by the regime were written on the backside of the shirt. “Laura, Zapata, Paya“.

See the video below:

Also present at the conference were Esperanza Aguirre (president of Spain’s Popular Party), Blanca Reyes (representative of the Ladies in White in Spain) and Guillermo Gortazar (president of the Hispanic-Cuban Foundation).

On his part, from Cuba, former political prisoner and husband of Berta Soler, Angel Moya Acosta, wrote on his Twitter account (@jangelmoya), “With the slogan ‘Yes to Cuba, No to Castro’, we must mobilize to defend the right to rights of all Cubans”.

Berta Soler: “Yes to Cuba, No to Castro” (Video)

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