“Miami En Wheels”, a new audio-visual project

“Miami En Wheels” is a new audio-visual project born while exploring the streets of Miami in search of everyday things which, many times, we do not even notice are there, and with the purpose of sharing these things with our brothers and sisters inside Cuba. This project has been brought to life by recently exiled blogger and activist Luis Felipe Rojas Rosabal (“Crossing the Barbed Wire”), Jennifer Hernandez (Venezuelan, also contributor to this blog) and Raul Garcia (“Pedazos de la Isla”/”Pieces of the Island”).

It is a series which has been kicked off with a tribute to Rosa Parks, who through her actions of civil disobedience and non-cooperation helped change the history not only of the United States but of the world.

Turns out that in Miami, and apparently in various cities of the US, buses carry a small tribute to Rosa in form of a commemorative plaque located right behind the driver’s seat. This symbolic gesture means a lot, considering that the public bus was where this activist carried out her peaceful fight, simply by saying “no” in the face of injustice.

Today, Rosa Park’s example has continued to inspire millions of people throughout the world who fight for justice, and in places like Cuba, specifically, where many dissidents make reference to her name when they demand freedom on the streets.

I invite everyone to visit the YouTube page of Miami En Wheels, as well as to share your opinions about the video- comments, suggestions, criticisms, etc. English subtitled versions will soon be available:

“Miami En Wheels”, a new audio-visual project

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