Dictatorships can’t do away with Faith (Tweet of the Day)

Saint Lazaro. Photo taken from “El Nuevo Herald”

To once again start up the “Tweet of the Day” feature on this blog, this post highlights a message published on the morning of this Monday, December 17th, (the day of one of Cuba’s most venerated saints- Saint Lazaro) by Rosa Maria Paya, daughter of recently deceased dissident leader Oswaldo Paya.  In her Tweet, Rosa Maria emphasizes the power of faith.  It is a power which cannot be cracked or disappeared by any type of ideology or government.

English Translation:

  “Today, thousands of Cubans are on a pilgrimage to Saint Lazaro with their prayers.  It is a faith which no ideology can destroy, despite how much they may try. #Cuba”

In the vast majority of cases, Twitter is used freely and frequently throughout the world by all sorts of users.  It is a message which is instantaneously published on the internet (which is limited to 140 characters) and deals with any subject which the user wishes to discuss, whether it be social, entertainment, humor, science, politics, commentary, etc.  In Cuba, Twitter messages cost users 1 CUC (national currency) each and are only possible through phone text messages, unless the user has access to the internet (a rare Case in Cuba, considering the tight state censorship practiced over the web).  In many cases, friends who have joined in solidarity in the exterior of the island help these Twitter users to publish their messages.

Dictatorships can’t do away with Faith (Tweet of the Day)

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