Website allows users to virtually protest in Havana, #Cuba

Are you a Cuban living on the outside- or perhaps someone from another nationality- who has wanted to participate in a protest on the island? Now, a new initiative gives you the chance to fulfill this wish…at least virtually.

The German-based human rights organization known as The International Society of Human Rights, or Internationale Gesellschaft für Menschenrechte (IGFM), launched a new campaign dubbed “UnSilence“, which uses an online platform to allow people throughout the world to join protests in countries under totalitarian regimes which violate the human rights of their citizens.  On the website, there are countries such as Iran, North Korea, and also Cuba.

To take part in the virtual protest in Havana, it’s simple.  First, visit the site at Once in the website, an introductory video will being with images of civic protests for freedom throughout the world- mainly of the recent Arab Spring.  After the introduction, a global map will appear, which you could “navigate” with your mouse to select a country where there is a demonstration taking place.  Once Cuba is clicked, users will be taken to Havana, where citizens have taken to the streets in the Civic Plaza, right in front of an image of Che Guevara.

To join the protest, navigate to the left side of the screen, where there are a series of buttons.  The first will give the option of joining the protest.  Then, you simply chose a “body” to add your name and face to (your picture will be taken through a webcam or through uploading an image of your choice).  The website also gives you the possibility to record an audio messages which can be heard during the protest.

UnSilence has arrived right when International Human Rights Day will be celebrated this upcoming December 10th.  It is a creative way to denounce the Cuban dictatorship and to tell the world that there is an opposition inside the island, which is violently persecuted for demanding their rights in the same fashion represented on the website.

Take to the streets and join the demonstration to prove that, as the introductory video of UnSilence states, “our voices are more powerful than tear gas, machine guns and tanks“.  

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