“Cuba’s Ladies in White”, a documentary by Al Jazeera

The Arab news station “Al Jazeera” has produced an excellent documentary about the Ladies in White and the civic opposition in Cuba, simply titled “Cuba’s Ladies in White”.

In my opinion, the documentary does a great job at highlighting what it’s like to be a dissident in Cuba- the vigilance, the arrests, the hidden microphones, the acts of repudiation, etc.  And most importantly: their valor.

There’s only one comment, though, I’d like to make about it.  At some point the narrator mentions that the Ladies in White are the only public opposition to the dictatorship.  While the Ladies are one of the bravest, important, and emblematic groups of the Resistance, there are many other groups and individuals who publicly manifest their opposition throughout the island, from East to West.

Regardless, the film is very well done and has interviews with Berta Soler, Angel Moya, Antonio Rodiles, Elizardo Sanchez and other dissidents.  In addition to Al Jazeera’s reporter, it also relies on the reports and work of restless human rights activist, independent journalist and former political prisoner of conscience Ivan Hernandez Carrillo.

The video includes English subtitles and runs for about 25 minutes.  It’s important to share the link of the video so the English-speaking world knows what goes on inside the island.  Take a look, below:

For more details about this documentary and what it was like to film it, click here.

“Cuba’s Ladies in White”, a documentary by Al Jazeera

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