Mother asks for help from international community for her unjustly jailed son

The following report has been put together by a friend of this blog: human rights activist Maria Camas. You can follow her on Twitter for more fresh news about Cuba: @mspianoteacher.

Lazara Martin Pérez is the mother of two young men which the Castro tyranny is bent on keeping jailed in the most inhumane conditions possible. One of her sons is Michel Martinez Perez, who has been tortured in different forms, all the way from constant interrogations, being confined for hours in rooms with very cold air after having been stripped of his clothing and having been soaked with buckets of icy water, to having him confined in sealed-off punishment cells for weeks, only accompanied by rodents and roaches. He has not even had a blanket or mattress to spend his seemingly endless days and nights.

Michel Martínez Pérez has been on hunger strike since last Octobter 5th. Because of this protest, the authorities of the Combinado del Sur Prison of Matanzas decided to send him to Aguica Prison so he could carry out his strike while closed off in a horrid punishment cell, isolated from any sort of human contact, while the authorities have showed less than minimal interest in his health, and in sum, his life. This is not the first time which Michel has declared himself on hunger strike. In addition, he has been transferred from one prison to another. Michel has passed through the Department of Technical Investigations of Matanzas, by the penitentiary of Canaletas, by Combinado del Sur, and has now been locked up in a punishment cell of Aguica, a prison notorious for abuses against all prisoners, whether they be “political” or “common”.

In her desperation, Lazara Martin Perez has called on the international community to please join her in solidarity so that, any person of goodwill, exert enough pressure over the regime to keep her son from dying on hunger strike, a protest which he has taken on to prove his innocence.

The communist regime of the Castros is accusing Michel of “stealing” and “killing” a cow. In other words, the regime is accusing the young man for suspecting that he has killed a cow to feed his family. This is a crime which Michel has denied through 5 hunger strikes.

Putting the ridiculous reality of Cuba aside, where innocent citizens are sent to prison for 10 years for killing an animal and eating it, we must keep in mind that the regime placed Michel behind bars since they detained him on October 5th 2011, before they had even carried out a fair trial against him. Once the trial took place, despite the fact that there was no proof against Michel, he was sentenced.

The following audio (in Spanish) is of Lazara. It is the voice of a worried mother, asking for actions of solidarity so that this crime of the Castro dictatorship is halted. It is courtesy of former political prisoner of conscience Ivan Hernandez Carrillo.

In the clip, Lazara explains, for example, that Lieutenant Colonel Mederes, the Chief of Prisons in Matanzas, has not even met with her. This same person promised Michel Martinez Perez on August 2nd 2012 that he would “solve the situation” if he stopped the hunger strike. Evidently, the agent lied then and continues lying now.

Also, she narrates the fiscal Jesus Dario Ortega, from the town of Alacranes, sent Michel to prison while he worked in the Union de Reyes unit. Currently, the mentioned official has retired. It seems that he already executed his unjust duty.

Lazara Martin Pérez lives in Unión de Reyes, Matanzas

General Betancourt Street #37 between Máximo Gómez and Antonio Maceo.

Unfortunately, Martin doesn’t not have a phone. She has sought the help of dissidents in the city of Colon. These dissidents have replied and have been spreading the word on Michel Martinez Perez.

For more information from Cuba: +011-5352- 599-366, phone number of Iván Hernández Carrillo.

Mother asks for help from international community for her unjustly jailed son

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