Tribute to Honor Laura Pollan, In and Out of Cuba

Berta Soler announced from Havana this past Sunday, October 7th that the Ladies in White, the movement which she represents, have launched a Tribute Campaign in Honor of Laura Pollan’s Memory.  This Sunday, October 14th, will be 1 year since Pollan passed away under mysterious circumstances.

The tributes, which will consist of public and peaceful activities such as vigils, Masses, and marches, according to an explanation Soler gave to Radio Republica“, began that same 7th of October when the group of women carried out their habitual walk towards their respective churches throughout the country.

Soler added that all Cubans are invited to participate in the tribute, whether they are Ladies in White or not.  In fact, she even explained that during the Sunday activities more than 20 men participated in the march.

Meanwhile, on their web page, “Cuba Net”, published an announcement by the Ladies in White in exile with details of a Mass in honor of Laura for this upcoming Saturday, October 13th at 8 PM in the ‘Ermita de la Caridad’ Shrine, located on 3609 South Miami Avenue in Miami, Florida.

In the following video, courtest of the Patriotic Union of Cuba (UNPACU), we can see some Ladies in White congregated in Havana this past Sunday, October 7th, while Berta Soler offers some declarations on the first day of Tribute to Laura Pollan.  Soler reiterates the non-violente essence of their struggle and affirms that “Laura Pollan Lives On!”:


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