More Arrests on the Eve of the Day of the Virgin of Charity

Political police vehicle stationed outside El Cobre Sanctuary, watching Ladies in White. Photo by UNPACU, posted on ‘Marti Noticias’.

The Cuban political police has continued to arrest not only Ladies in White but also other human rights activists throughout the Eastern region of the island with the purpose of impeding them from assisting the Mass which will be offered this upcoming Saturday, September 8th, in the El Cobre Sanctuary of Santiago de Cuba, where the 400th anniversary of the Virgin of Charity’s appearance in Cuba will be celebrated.  That is how Yuniesky Dominguez Gonzalez, a dissident belonging to the Patriotic Union of Cuba (UNPACU), reported the situation.  He also shared the names of some of the most recent detainees.

They have arbitrarily arrested Maikel Osorio Martinez, Sergio Palmer, Alexander Colon Fernández, Rubén De Armas, Ramón Suarez Valdez and Alfredo Aníbal Bravo”, said Yuniesky, explaining that all these are members of UNPACU.  “This is due to the fact that State Security has set up an operation throughout all of Eastern Cuba to impede UNPACU activists- as well as any other person who dissents in one form or another from the government, believers or non believers- from assisting Mass for the Virgin of Charity along with the Ladies in White“.

Meanwhile, Jose Daniel Ferrer Garcia reported through ‘Hablalo sin Miedo’ that on the afternoon of September 7th, on the eve of the day of Cuba’s Patron Saint, his daughters Martha Beatriz Ferrer Cantillo (14 years old), Fatima Victoria Ferrer Cantillo (7 years old), and his wife Belkis Cantillo Ramirez left his house in Palmarito de Cauto with destination towards the Sanctuary and that political police agents had them “surrounded on the route from Palmarito to Palma Soriano“, threatening them that they “would not be allowed to continue“.  Ferrer Garcia blamed “the Castro regime and their henchmen of the political police for what could happen with my wife and daughters“.

Yuniesky Dominguez expressed that all the police operations “prove once again that the Cuban government fears international public opinion, fears that the people have rights, fears UNPACU and fears all those who stand up against their political ego“.

The activist also pointed out that it was very probable that he’d be arrested as the night hours drew closer this Friday, September 7th, just hours before the important and sacred date, considering that- according to him- “the members of UNPACU will continue their duty of defending human rights and the rights of the Cuban people“.

As for me, although I know State Security is listening“, said Dominguez Gonzalez, referencing the fact that the oppressive apparatus of the regime listens in on and interferes phones calls of dissidents more often than not, “the regime should know very well that all us members of UNPACU in Palma Soriano will take to the streets to arrive, or attempt to arrive, to our destination“.

For more information from Cuba:

Yuniesky Domínguez González- Cell Phone: +5352 – 997-961

More Arrests on the Eve of the Day of the Virgin of Charity

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