Cuba: The Enemy Within, #CryFreedom

Christian Solidarity Worldwide, a non-governmental organization which documents and denounces violations of religious association rights for Christians around the world has launched a new audio-visual campaign under the slogan of #CryFreedom, where they seek solidarity to demand an end to these violations occurring in countries like North Korea, China, Iran, Burma, Eritrea, and Cuba.

To kick off the #CryFreedom campaign they have put together an excellent short documentary which consists of an interview with recently exiled Cuban freedom fighter, human rights activists and Lady in White Caridad Caballero Batista, who suffered constant persecution in Cuba not only for being a public dissident but also for being a devout Christian who would try and assist Mass every Sunday. The video is titled “Cuba: The Enemy Within”. Don’t miss it!

CSW also calls on all those who can to participate to demand totalitarian governments aroudn the world to stop oppressing their citizens for their religious ideals.  Click here for more information on the campaign.  To further support #CryFreedom, used that same hashtag on Twitter to spread the word!  CSW has been outspoken on the Cuban cause, seeking justice for so many people who stand up against the dictatorship and cling tightly to their Faith.  They recently wrote an article about Caballero Batista prior to the video launch.

Cuba: The Enemy Within, #CryFreedom

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