Cubans Paste Anti-Government Stickers During State ‘Celebration’

Anti-government sticker. Reads “I do not cooperate with the dictatorship”

This past 26th of July, amid the state celebrations on the anniversary of the ‘Assault on the Moncada Barracks’, in the Eastern municipality of Antilla a number of stickers with anti-government messages were pasted on various buildings during the daytime, according to the dissident Cristian Toranzo Fundichely.

Fundichely said that there were “dozens” of stickers pasted which read “I do not cooperate with the Cuban dictatorship“, and that the citizens who pasted them were not identified.

This occurred “right in the middle of the city, on Marti Street, a very centric location” and it led to a “police operation, where the political police kept a tight vigilance over all local dissidents, although no arrests were reported“.

Toranzo Fundichely expressed that pasting stickers with pro-freedom messages and messages against the dictatorship are methods which create “much bother for the regime” and that they convoke a sense of sympathy from the majority of the everyday people.  In fact, the activist explained that one neighbor- a woman- expressed to him that these same stickers “should be pasted on police units and barracks“.

This past 23rd of July there also appeared a large sign on a tobacco factory in Antilla which read “Down with Fidel“, which also led to a police operation in order to try and find the authors, but such an identification (or arrest) did not occur successfully.

Antilla is a municipality where many signs such as these prop up often“, said Toranzo, adding that “there are still people who are fearful, due to repression, so they express themselves by putting up signs“.

The activist is of the opinion that both stickers and signs with such messages put the Cuban regime in an uncomfortable position and that they are greatly hurt and bothered by such actions.

Cubans Paste Anti-Government Stickers During State ‘Celebration’

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