More on the Farewell of Oswaldo Paya

Parish filled with attendees, via @yoanisanchez

Hundreds of Cubans (some reported around 300 and other around 500) congregated in the Savior of the World Parish in Havana to pay tribute and bid farewell to the body of Oswaldo Paya.  In what was a very emotional moment, the attendees began to shout “Freedom” after having first sung the notes of the national anthem upon seeing the body enter the temple.

Yoani Sánchez was able to upload a video, via Twitter,  of this moment and another video of when the audience burst into applause.

Former political prisoner Iván Hernández Carrillo also recorded an audio of the moment in which the present began to shout “freedom” and explained that the church was completely full of citizens who joined the family in solidarity.  (Listen):

Hernández Carrillo also uploaded an audio of the moment in which the second Eucharist took place around 8 PM, when the people began to sing the emblematic religious and traditional song, “Virgen Mambisa”.  The activist added that although up to that moment there were no reports of arrests of activists, the outside of the Parish was completely surrounded by military and police officials, who kept a tight vigilance over all the events.  Hear the audio:

(These audios are courtesy of activist @mspianoteacher)

Meanwhile, “Radio Marti” published a recent letter penned by Oswaldo Paya to his exiled brother in Spain, detailing that he had suffered what seemed to be an accident but in reality was an attempt on his life, carried out by the regime on June of 2012.  In the letter, Paya expressed worry for his life, and even more for his family.  He had chosen to not make the news public at the time.  Now, everything points out that Paya’s death, as well as that of activist Harold Cepero, was an intentional action by the dictatorship.  The relatives of the human rights activist have expressed that they do not accept the dictatorship’s version of the events, which go along the lines of saying that Paya and the other passengers on the vehicle lost control and crashed against a tree.

It is true that the regime can physically eliminate Cubans who oppose all their arbitrary actions, but it has been proven time and time again that they cannot contain unity, brotherhood, and solidarity on behalf of the people when good men and/or women are disappeared for defending a just cause.

More on the Farewell of Oswaldo Paya

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