The Result of Constant Attacks Against the Home of Jorge Cervantes Garcia (IMAGES/VIDEOS)

Archive: Jorge Cervantes after one of the many attacks against him by state agents

For more than four days, the Cuban political police has ordered paramilitary mobs and common criminals to throw stones, fecal matter, dead animals, mud and toxic materials at the home of Jorge Cervantes Garcia, a dissident from the Patriotic Union of Cuba (UNPACU), in Contramaestre, Santiago de Cuba.

A report made earlier by “Diario de Cuba” offered details about these events, while Cervantes also offered his testimony which was published in a press release by the Cuban Democratic Directorate.  In the mentioned press release, Cervantes not only denounces the assault against his family (where he even suffered a blow by various stones, producing him serious wounds), but also the arrest of a dissident doctor who visited his home to evaluate the wreckage and his injuries.

Now, UNPACU has published various videos on their YouTube channel with the results of the State-sponsored violence against Cervantes Garcia.

Dr. Roberto Serrano Delis traveled from Songo La Maya to visit Jorge Cervantes Garcia and to evaluate his wounds, especially the ones on his left leg, product of the stoning by the Castro mobs.  In this video, one can see the deep wounds which the doctor classifies as “serious” and “with signs of an infection”.

Various dissidents from UNPACU help Jorge Cervantes Garcia to pick up the left overs of the constant attacks against his home.

Dr. Delis offers another testimony about the assault on Cervantes’ home.  In this video one can see the outside of the house, stained with tar, mud, and feces.

The Result of Constant Attacks Against the Home of Jorge Cervantes Garcia (IMAGES/VIDEOS)

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