Cuban Police Throws Excrement and Dead Animals At Dissident’s Home

The Cuban political police, together with State Security, has been violently attacking the home of Patriotic Union of Cuba member Jorge Cervantes Garcia in Contramaestre since last 6th of July, throwing excrement, dead animals, and even tearing down walls, putting the lives of those inside (among them small children) in danger.

“Diario de Cuba” has the report (my translation into English):

Home of Dissident Jorge Cervantes Attacked with Excrement and Dead Animals

The home of activist Jorge Cervantes, in the Eastern town of Contramaestre, has been under attack by forces of the police and State Security for three days now.  The agents have been using common criminals to tear down the walls of the house and attack it with excrement and dead animals.

“We have been suffering this wave of terror for three days now.  They are throwing asphalt against my house, as well as rocks, excrement, and dead animals, in the middle of this situation we have in this country with cholera”, denounces Cervantes himself during a communication with Diario de Cuba.

Inside the home there are seven people.  Four of them are children less than 4 years old which “cannot stop crying”.

“Here everything is stained with excrement.  They tore down the walls of one  of the rooms, they have torn down window blinds, and even part of the roof of one of my neighbors”, added the activist from the Patriotic Union of Cuba (UNPACU).

Supposedly, the authorities are asking citizens to cut down on hygienic measures due to the difficult epidemiological situation which the country is going through right now.

Jorge Cervantes is the best known dissident in Contrmaestre.  It is not the first time that his home suffers attacks at the hands of paramilitary groups organized by the regime.

Cuban Police Throws Excrement and Dead Animals At Dissident’s Home

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