Activists Arrested for Wanting to Pay Tribute to Victims of Massacre

Sara Marta Fonseca. Writing reads “Down with Communism”, “Down with Fidel”

The Lady in White and spokesperson for the National Resistance Front, Sara Marta Fonseca Quevedo, was arrested at around 8 AM this past Monday, July 9th, in Havana, along with a group of other pro-human rights activists who had plans to carry out a tribute to the victims of the 13th of March Tugboat Massacre, which occurred on July 13th 1994, where the Cuban regime gunned down a group of Cubans- among them children and women- who were trying to flee the country in search of freedom aboard a tugboat.

In the case of Fonseca Quevedo, she remained behind bars until approximately 9 PM.  She was first kept in the police unit of Cojimar and later in the 4th Unit of El Cerro.  Another detainee was Yanelis Cabrera Bouza, also a Lady in White, who was released after an interrogation session during the afternoon.

Bouza told “Radio Republica” that, in her case, she was arrested separate from Fonseca Quevedo, when she was about to arrive to the spot where they had plans to carry out the peaceful activity, where they were to throw flowers into the ocean in memory of each victim of the massacre.  When she was taken to the police unit of Alamar, uniformed agents accused her of trying to plan an illegal exit from the country, an accusation which is completely false, according to the dissident.

Upon being released, Cabrera Bouza head to the home of Fonseca Quevedo, where a number of dissidents were congregated, among them the independent rapper Rodolfo “El Primario” Ramirez, who also shared declarations with “Radio Republica”, explaining that the demonstrators were carrying out a vigil and a peaceful protest, demanding the immediate release of Sara Marta Fonseca, who suffers from numerous medical ailments.

During night hours, Fonseca was released, which was proven by a Twitter message she managed to publish on her account (@SaraMartaCuba).  “From the PNR Unit in Cojimar, transferred to the 4th of El Cerro”, explained the message of the Lady in White, “liberated at 9:20 PM, they took away my sign with messages paying tribute to victims of Tugboat Massacre.  My home is surrounded”.

Activists Arrested for Wanting to Pay Tribute to Victims of Massacre

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