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Ivan Hernandez Carrillo and his mother, Asuncion Carrillo

Today’s “Tweet of the Day” comes from independent journalist and former political prisoner Ivan Hernandez Carrillo, after being interrogated by the political police for various hours along with his elderly mother, the Lady in White Asuncion Carrillo.  Ivan and Asuncion were traveling from their province of residence, Matanzas, to Havana with the purpose of participating in an event to which they were invited to by the US Interests Section to celebrate the 4th of July, American independence day.  From the moment they set out from their town of Colon to the capital, various police agents were persecuting them, walking behind them and watching their every move. When they tried to board a vehicle, the agents told the driver he could not take them, so he drove away. After a while, Ivan and his mother were able to board a national bus but the police agents followed them in.    Throughout the ride, the police agents were photographing the activist and his mother, as well as mocking them.  Eventually, things culminated in an interrogation/detention after the bus ride, where the agents even openly admitted that they tap Ivan’s phone conversations.

One of Ivan’s responses after being released was the following Tweet:

[Translation]When we Cubans achieve freedom, we will never celebrate January 1st .  That day will be remembered with gloom in our nation.

(Note: January 1st 1959 was when Fidel Castro seized power and installed the dictatorship which still stands today.  Castro declared the date a national “holiday”)

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Tweet of the Day

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