Cuba: Minor Kidnapped by Government Agents

In what members of Cuba’s opposition are describing as a “kidnapping”, this past Thursday June 21st in Contramaestre, Santiago de Cuba, a minor who is the daughter of an imprisoned Lady in White was taken from the home of a family friend by functionaries of the Ministry of the Interior (MININT) and taken to an orphanage, according to the former political prisoner and national coordinator of the Patriotic Union of Cuba (UNPACU), Jose Daniel Ferrer Garcia.

The case is that of the Lady in White Mayelin Montero la O who has been detained for various weeks in the Women’s Prison of Mar Verde due to her peaceful and public activities against the Cuban regime.  Her 9 year old daughter, Amanda Montalvo Montero, was living with a trusted family friend- Milagros Borel– ever since her mother was taken to a penitentiary.

Ferrer Garcia explains that upon knowing that she was going to be arrested for her activities as a Lady in White, Mayelin Montero “left a written document in which she left her daughter under the care of this lady, Milagros Borel“.

Considering that the young girl has been receiving lots of support from the Ladies in White, members of UNPACU, and activists of other dissident organizations“, continues Ferrer Garcia, “the political police was very bothered by this and had been threatening to take the child to a center for children without families“.  And this was precisely what they did during the afternoon of June 21st.

Various MININT agents who claimed to be responsible for situations with minors, showed up to the home of Milagro and told her that they had to take the girl to carry out some required medical exams, promising to bring her back as soon as she was done.

In the end, however, upon seeing how long Amanda was taking to return back to her house, “Milagro demanded that the child be returned, but the agents informed her that she had already been taken to an orphanage“, denounced Ferrer Garcia.  Milagro has not seen Amanda since that moment.

Meanwhile, Mayelin Montero la O has been carrying out a lengthy hunger strike from the Mar Verde Prison, demanding her freedom.

For more information from Cuba:

José Daniel Ferrer García: Cell Phone- +5353-146-740 // Twitter: @Jdanielferrer 

Cuba: Minor Kidnapped by Government Agents

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