#FestivalCLIC: An Event to Shatter Censorship

The independent Cuban projects, “Estado de SATS” and the “Blogger Academy”, along with the technological Spanish organization known as “EBE” have been announcing the ‘Festival CLIC’ (or “Click Festival”), an event which has been organized and convoked by independent journalists, bloggers and artists (in sum, citizens from Cuban civil society) where they will talk and debate about new technologies like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and blogs.  The event will kick off on Thursday, June 21st at 9 AM and will end on Saturday the 23rd.  It is being held in Miramar, 1st Street #4606, 46th and 60th Block on Playa, in the city of Havana.

One of the main promoters of the informational event has been blogger Yoani Sanchez who has been using her Twitter account (@yoanisanchez) to share details about the program schedule which has been organized for the festival, which will include sessions to the likes of “Notes for a Future Cuba with Rights for the Cuban Internet User”, “Digital Publications in Today’s Cuba”, “Music and Audio-Visual Production in the Web 2.0 Era”, and a workshop to teach students how to write on the web through blogs or Twitter, among many other conferences and workshops.

Sanchez has also said on numerous occasions and interviews that the Click Festival is open to all Cuban citizens, despite whether they are public dissidents and/or human rights activists or even the very own state bloggers and journalists.

Meanwhile, the Festival has launched its own Twitter account under the username @FestivalCLIC.  In one of the messages published on this account, they reiterate Yoani Sanchez’s declarations, affirming that “everyone is invited to the #FestivalCLIC…come meet the person behind the  @ symbol, the human being touching the keys”.

In addition, one could visit  their web page, where there are more details about the festival, including an announcement of a contest in which one Cuban will be awarded a 100 peso phone recharge for the most creative Twitter messages while using the hashtag #FestivalCLIC.

This is the first time an event of this style- completely independent from State control- takes place in Cuba, considering that on the island the level of internet access is one of the lowest in the world, due to the harsh censorship tactics applied by the regime.  Independent journalists and alternative bloggers often rely on friends abroad to help them publish their work on their blogs or digital journals, precisely because of this censorship.

According to the schedule of events published on the website, the festival will conclude on Saturday, at 4 PM with a concert and farewell gathering.

Join the Festival and the movement for free internet access for all Cubans! Tweet with the hashtag #FestivalCLIC. 

#FestivalCLIC: An Event to Shatter Censorship

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