Cuban Dissidents Launch New Audio-Visual Project

Cuban dissidents from the Eastern Democratic Alliance have launched a new audio-visual project dubbed “Palenque Vision”, which will publish documentaries and other similar projects.  All the material published through “Palenque Vision” will be filmed, edited and produced from inside of Cuba by the activists themselves, as was the case of their first documentary- “Prisons of  Cuba: Sequence of Terror”.

This documentary of nearly 17 minutes was made public this past Wednesday, June 6th in Miami, during a conference in which the coordinator of the Eastern Democratic Alliance- Rolando Rodriguez Lobaina– spoke directly from the island with members of the pro-democracy  Assembly of the Resistance and a number of media outlets.  The production includes the testimonies of 4 former Cuban political prisoners- José Daniel Ferrer García, Jorge Luis García ‘Antúnez’, Isael Poveda Silva and Rodolfo Barthelemy-who narrate the reality of Cuban political prisons: tortures, beatings, corruption amongst the guards, etc.

According to Lobaina, the documentary took about 6 months to finalize due to the fact the camera operators had to find clandestine ways to travel to the homes of the interviewees, considering that they are constantly under police surveillance.  In addition, the producers of the film had to find diverse and creative methods to send the material out of Cuba, seeing as they could not do it through the internet due to state-imposed censorship.

Rodríguez Lobaina added that “Palenque Vision” has opened its own YouTube channel, under the same name, where it will publish all of its projects as they are completed.  The channel is an extension of the blog of the Eastern Democratica Alliance, “Palenque Cubano”, where a number of activists publish essays, poems, reports and other literary works which narrate the Cuban reality.

See “Prisons of Cuba: Sequence of Terror” (English subtitles coming soon)

(Part 1)

(Part 2)

Cuban Dissidents Launch New Audio-Visual Project

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