Syrian Dissidents Show Solidarity with the Cuban Resistance (VIDEO)

At this very moment, the Syrian people are living through a period of profound and unspeakable violence, as they struggle to rescue their country from the dictatorship of Bashar al-Assad.  Despite continuous massacres by forces of the regime- which mostly consist of bombings- the Syrian dissidents continue taking to the streets, challenging the tyranny and demanding their freedom.

Amid so much repression, in a public demonstration just a few days ago various Syrian dissidents carried signs with messages not only against Assad but also against the Cuban dictatorship, considering that both regimes are allies.  The messages read “Down with Assad, Down with Castro”, “Thank you Cuban Resistance”, “We are all Resistance” (a slogan commonly used by Cuban dissidents) and “Long Live a ‘Free Syria and Free Cuba”.

See the video here:

In response to the increasing violence in Syria- which is taking the lives of all sorts of citizens, but especially children and women- the Assembly of the Cuban Resistance (a coalition of pro-democracy groups in and out of Cuba) released a statement this Friday, June 8th in Miami, explaining that they will be collecting medications to urgently and rapidly send to the victims of the aggressions committed by the Syrian government.  According to the Assembly, medicines can be donated at:

Presidio Político Histórico “Casa del Preso” (Monday-Friday/ 9AM-2PM)

                   1140 SW 13 Ave

                        Miami, Fl . 33144

Syrian Dissidents Show Solidarity with the Cuban Resistance (VIDEO)

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