Cuban Activist Declares Herself on Hunger Strike for the Safety of her Daughter

Damaris Moya Portieles

This past Sunday June 3rd, Damaris Moya Portieles– activist from the Rosa Parks Movement for Civil Rights– declared herself on hunger strike in the city of Santa Clara.  Moya decided to start this kind of protest because during the month of May, the police agent Eric Francis Aquino Yera threatened to rape her daughter, Lazara Contreras Moya, who is only 5 years old.  These threats occurred while the activist was being held in a prison cell after being arrested for hosting the weekly vigil for the freedom of all political prisoners in her home.  Some common prisoners also threatened to rape her underage daughter, but all of them did so under the orders of Aquino Yera.

With her hunger strike, Damaris Moya said that she is protesting against so much government impunity and she is demanding that the culprits be tried and taken to court for their threats, mainly Eric Francis Aquino Yera, and that functionaries of the government and/or her daughter’s school can prove to her that nothing will happen to her child.

From the moment of the threat, Damaris Moya has not allowed her daughter to assist school, because she is very fearful that something may happen to her.  After two weeks of not assisting class, principals from the school carried out a legal process against Moya.  Regardless, the dissident has stressed that as long as the oppressors are loose, the life of her daughter is in danger, and because of this she will not assist class.

This Wednesday June 6th, Damaris Moya reported to “Radio Republica” that her home was completely surrounded by numerous police agents because she had hung signs with anti-government messages on her porch.  These signs read “Fidel and Raul Castro: traitors, murderers, and dictators”, “Out of Cuba tyrants”, and “Long Live a Free Cuba”.  According to the activist, these same agents broke into her porch, smeared the walls with excrement, and snatched and ripped the signs.  During these aggressions, Moya explained that agent Eric Francis Aquino Yera was parked behind the house as a form of mockery and threat.

However, despite the hostile atmosphere against her and her family, Damaris Moya Portieles has said that she will continue her hunger strike and that she will not allow her daughter to return to school until her case is resolved.

For more information from Cuba: 

Damaris Moya Portieles –  (Cell Phone): +5342-218-079

Cuban Activist Declares Herself on Hunger Strike for the Safety of her Daughter

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