New and Important Videos Depict the Reality of Cuba

During the last couple of months, activists from the Patriotic Union of Cuba (UNPACU) have managed to film and publish a number of videos which depict the everyday reality which, not only Cuban dissidents live, but the population on the island in general.  Here are some of the videos:

Alina Fonseca Guevara, wife of political prisoner Bismark Mustelier Galan expresses her pain, along with that of her children, because of the unjust incarceration which her husband faces since April 1st.  She asks for international solidarity for the case of Galan and denounces the violations- physical and mental- which occur to him in prison.  Bismark is to face a brief and manipulated trial this upcoming May 30th, 2012. 

Images taken by Jorge Cervantes depict the inefficiency of transportation in Cuba.  One can see how a number of citizens running/walking behind a truck to try and climb aboard, though the vehicle is already filled with passengers.  Many cannot board and an argument breaks out amongst some of those who were left behind.

Signs with messages from UNPACU demanding freedom for the Cuban people are hung in different public places.  Some of these read: “With all and for the good of all”, “Only one currency”, and “I am UNPACU: A Cuban Patriot”. 

Wife of dissident Jorge Cervantes Garcia narrates how oppressors tore down a wall of their home in the middle of the night recently.  The wall had a Jose Marti phrase written on it (part of his “I cultivate a White Rose” poem).  Watch the aftermath of the demolition in this video.

A water leak occurs in a small Eastern Cuban town, despite the fact that hoems in the same town and throughout the island have been going through a very dry period in which they have barely been able to drink water for long periods of time.  A local explains the crisis.

If you’d like to view more videos of UNPACU, check out their Youtube channel by clicking here.

New and Important Videos Depict the Reality of Cuba

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