Youth Activist Recounts Recent Act of Violence Against Him, Other Activists, and 13-month-old Child

Cristian Toranzo Fundichely

On May 7th, 2012, various Cubans- among them a 13 month old child- were victims of a violent raid and arrest on behalf of the political police and State Security, according to the youth activist and independent journalist Cristian Toranzo Fundichely, a resident of Antilla, a municipality of Holguin.

The incidents began when the Lady in White Mildred Infante was arrested during morning hours when she was traveling from Antilla to Santiago de Cuba to visit some relatives.  Infante was forcefully returned to her home by uniformed political police officials.

Upon not being allowed to leave her own municipality, Mildred started to protest in her home by hanging up signs which read ‘Down with the Revolution’, ‘Down with Terrorism’, and ‘Freedom of Movement’“, explained Toranzo Fundichely.  “Just a few moments later, police agents- under the orders of Lieutenant Roilan Cruz- arrived to the home with asphalt and gasoline and used this to smear the outer walls of the house, also dirtying the floor and covering the messages on the signs“.  Agent Roilan Cruz was one of the main torturers and culprits in the death of Orlando Zapata Tamayo in 2010.

The activist recounted that he was able to make it inside the home during the moment of harassment, as did his wife who was carrying their 13 month old child.  The oppressors then broke into the home and started to beat and arrest all those who were present.

My wife was hit”,  said Funidchely, “they also shoved her and our 13 month old son was hit on the head.  The agents did not have a single search warrant and took me, Mildred, and other dissidents out by force.  They shoved us into State-owned vehicles and took us to the operational G2 unit known as Pedernales”.

The activists were kept in punishment cells until Friday, May 11th.

In regards to the moment of the aggressions, Cristian Toranzo explains that State Security brought various elderly people to scream “Long Live Communism” and “Long Live Fidel” at the activists.  However, Toranzo assured that “the people- neighbors and others- did not respond to this“, they did not repeat their slogans and did not participate in the act of repudiation.

Fundichely is a member of the Cuban Youth Movement for Democracy as well as the Eastern Democratic Alliance.  He is also one of the authors of the independent journal known as “El Antillano Libre“, which is published monthly and given out amongst the local Antilla population.  To read one of the first five volumes (in Spanish), click here.

For more information from  Cuba:

Cristian Toranzo Fundichely – Cell Phone:   +5352-959942  // Twitter: @CTholguinero

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