May 13th, 2012- First Sunday of 2012 in Which Lady in White is Able to Assist Mass

Caridad Caballero Batista,Lady in White and independent journalist from the city of Holguin, was able to surpass police operations along with her husband Esteban Sandez Suarez this past Sunday, May 13th (Mother’s Day) and was able to assist Sunday Mass in the Jesus Christ Redeemer of Men Church for the first time in 2012.

Although there was repression throughout the island and numerous Ladies in White and other Cuban activists were violently arrested, the case of Caballero Batista and Sandez Suarez is worth mentioning because it proves that persistence, perseverance and Resistance does work.  The activist has not been able to attend her local church since the current year began, considering that she is always persecuted, beaten, insulted, and arrested by agents working for the political police, State Security and the Rapid Response Brigades.  These agents usually confine Caballero and her husband (and on many occasions their son as well) in pestilent prison cells in the Pedernales Unit, a detention center located in that same city.  The dissident couple are then released just minutes after Sunday mass comes to an end.  It is a way of mocking them.

Caballero Batista said that despite that this Sunday may just be an isolated event, she will continue directing herself to Church to pray for a better Cuba, free from tyranny and without political prisoners.  As many others have also done, the Lady in White assured that she will continue to go out to the streets of the country, demanding the rights of all citizens, without fear of reprisals.

For more information directly from Cuba:

Caridad Caballero Batista – Cell Phone:  +5352-629-749       // Twitter: @caricaballero

May 13th, 2012- First Sunday of 2012 in Which Lady in White is Able to Assist Mass

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