A Poet is Once Again Arrested for Writing With his Conscience in Cuba

The independent Cuban poet, blogger, and journalist Luis Felipe Rojas was arrested once again by political police agents for freely writing about the current situation of Cuba on his blog and on other independent communication outlets.

That is how Rojas himself reported the news after being released this past Sunday April 29th.  His arrest occurred at around 7:30 AM on Saturday, April 28th in his home, located in the town of San German, Holguin.  “The lieutenant from the political police in San German, Yasmany Suarez Ramirez, showed up to my house with 4 other police officers who were aboard a Jeep from the Operational Guard“, explained the writer, “they detained me and took me from my home, driving me to the local police unit“.  Rojas remained in that unit for about 30 minutes.

Afterward, Major Alberten (“who has been in charge of oppressing dissidents in San German for about 3 or 4 years now“) drove Rojas to the Operational Unit of Holguin, known best by detainees as “Pedernales”- a center which consists of sealed off, pestilent, and inhumane cells.

“[In Pedernales] they interrogated me under the direction of Major Jesus Jimenez, a political police instructor in charge of the cases of dissidents”, said Luis Felipe, who added that the interrogation consisted of 3 main issues or accusations.  First, the blogger was threatened about “the news which I publish in regards to Cuban prisons“.  In addition, other accusations were related “to the subject of the restructuring of the workforce, and they also told me that the news I published was false and that I simply do it to send it out to foreign media“.

Rojas affirms that his news is “factual, and besides, any citizen can give their opinion about any subject they wish“.

In addition, I believe that my detention and interrogation also occurred because I recently gave a lengthy interview to Amnesty International and because I am a human rights correspondent of the Eastern Democratic Alliance in San German“.

Before being released, the police agents told Rojas to cease communicating with the foreign press, whether it be on his blog or through other mediums, to talk about the situation in Cuba.

In his blog, “Crossing the Barbed Wire“, Rojas publishes real stories of dissidents and everyday Cubans who must confront immense difficulties for wishing to live their lives outside the tight control of the state.  He is also a photographer who publishes images of the repressive agents on the island and everyday scenes throughout the country.

Amid the threats, the blogger has assured directly from San German that “I will continue reporting and informing“.

For more information from Cuba:

Luis Felipe Rojas – Cell Phone: +5352-771-487 // Twitter: @alambradas

A Poet is Once Again Arrested for Writing With his Conscience in Cuba

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