Three Dissidents from UNPACU Still Remain in Prison, Jose Daniel Ferrer Among Them

Tania Montoya, a Lady in White from Eastern Cuba, informed that her husband, Raumel Vinajera, who was one of the dissidents violently arrested this past April 2nd, was already released along with 40 human rights activists who also suffered repression on that day.  In the case of Vinajera, he suffered beatings at the hands of mobs made up of agents from the political police, State Security, and the Rapid Response Brigades who raided his home, unleashing violence against all dissidents inside and ultimately arresting them.

Tania Montoya said that her husband “is already home but is still suffering from strong head pains and dizziness…this is all due to the physical blows he received“.  That Monday, April 2nd, the home of Raumel’s mother was also raided.  The elderly woman was not spared from the physical aggressions of the agents of the Cuban regime.

The Lady in White highlighted that there are still three dissidents from the Patriotic Union of Cuba (UNPACU) behind bars.  These are Jorge Cervantes Garcia, Bismark Galan, and Jose Daniel Ferrer Garcia.

Bismark Galan was detained on April 1st because the state police caught him filming a short documentary about a young Cuban girl who is sick and has not received medical attention.  When the arrests of April 2nd occurred, a large number of activists were publicly demanding freedom for Galan, as well as for Andres Carrion, the Cuban who shouted ‘down with communism’ during the Papal Mass in Santiago de Cuba and who is still imprisoned and being accused of “public disorder”.  In addition, they were showing solidarity with Rogelio Tabio who, at that moment, was on hunger strike.  Tabio recently discontinued his protest but is still in prison.  Meanwhile, Jorge Cervantes was violently arrested on Friday, April 6th and is being held in the police unit of Baire.

Martha Beatriz Ferrer, daughter of Jose Daniel Ferrer Garcia.

It was also confirmed that Lady in White Belkis Cantillo was able to see her husband, Jose Daniel Ferrer, in the detention center he is being held in this Tuesday, April 10th.  Cantillo sent out a Twiter message through Ferrer’s Twitter’account (@jdanielferrer) explaining that her husband “sent greetings to all those in and out of Cuba” and that he hoped to “be back home soon to continue fighting for freedom”.  Ferrer’s exiled brother- Luis Enrique- also published a couple of messages through the dissident’s Twitter, explaining that Jose Daniel remains in the Operational Unit of “Versalles” in Santiago de Cuba and that he refuses to wear the common prisoner uniform.

The Ferrer-Cantillo family has suffered countless acts of violence during the week which the activist has been jailed.  In fact, one of the daughters of the couple- 14 year old Martha Beatriz– has been beaten, threatened, and detained by State Security agents.  Tania Montoya pointed out that on Saturday, April 7th, the young Martha Beatriz and the Lady in White Yaslay Ferrer Santos were “intercepted as they were aboard a bus which was on its way to Santiago de Cuba in order to participate in Mass on Sunday“.  According to the dissident, “the police officers pulled the bus over and forced the female activists down with physical blows and shoves.  Martha has bruises all over her arms.  Yaslay was taken to Palma Soriano where she was kept for various hours under the sun in a police vehicle.  She ended up fainting, seemingly because of the fact that she had not been able to drink water“.

On Sunday, April 8th, “many other Ladies in White were arrested while others were impeded from leaving their own homes to attend Mass“, said Montoya, adding that “however, thank God 12 Ladies in White were able to make it to Mass at El Cobre“.

Montoya affirmed that she and the other Ladies in White will co

Para más información desde Cuba:

Tania Montoya – Móvil:             +5353- 146-329           // Belkis Cantillo Ramírez – Móvil:               +5353-790-867      

Twitter: @jdanielferrer  //     @luisenriquefg

ntinue to be “out on the streets, demanding freedom for our jailed brothers and for the entire Cuban people“.


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