New Details Emerge of Leading Dissident’s Kidnapping by State Security

Via the online newspaper, “Cuba Encuentro“.  Daughter of Jose Daniel Ferrer and Belkis Cantillo narrates what she saw in her house, her parents being kidnapped by police agents. 

)My Translation):

“They took my mother, my father, and all those who were in my house.” declared the daughter of Jose Daniel Ferrer GArcia

The daughter of the former political prisoner Jose Daniel Ferrer and the Lady in White Belkis Cantillo said this Tuesday that she still does not know the whereabouts of her parents, who were arrested yesterday by police agents after they raided their home in the town of Palmarito de Cauto, in the province of Santiago de Cuba.

“The search of the house lasted from 3 PM to 9:30 PM”, declared 14 year old Martha Beatriz Ferrer Cantillo to CUBAENCUENTRO.  She witnessed the police search.

The young girl said that her parents were taken without any shoes and with the same clothes they had on at that moment.  An aunt of hers was also detained as were other dissidents who were in the house at that time, she explained.

Martha Beatriz noticed what was happening when she returned from school.  “I saw police cars in front of the house, and at first I thought there had been an accident, but when I saw the State Security agents I imagined what was happening”, she affirmed.  She explained that one of the detained dissidents screamed to her from the police vehicle he was in, saying that her parents had been arrested.

“I started to hit one of the police vehicles.  I told them that I wanted to see my mother, and that I wanted to know why they were taking them.  One official pushed me, and they dragged me out to the road.  They threatened me and told me that they were aware that I was a minor but that, regardless, they were capable of doing anything to me”, narrated Martha Beatriz.

The daughter of the dissidents commented that the police did not let her go inside the house, and when she managed to get in she saw that they were doing a police search.

“When I entered my house, my 63 year old grandmother was screaming.  They had pushed her.  They [the agents] were in my dad’s room, stealing everything.  They told me that it was a search order, but my grandmother told me that they did not show her a single document.  She told me that my mother was beaten”, the youth expressed.

Martha Beatriz said that the  handle on the front door was broken because, “it seems that they kicked the door open”.

Meanwhile, the Lady in White Tania Montoya Vazquez declared to CUBAENCUENTRO that the police “even took a picture of Laura Pollan” from Jose Daniel’s home, in addition to “books and other logistical belongings” of the dissident.

“They were brutally beaten, dragged, and taken to police vehicles which were stationed outside the house.  It is cowardly what they have done here against dissidents who raise their voices for the liberation and democratization of Cuba”, said the activist.

“We were victims of paramilitary mobs”

Also on Monday, police officials assaulted the home of activist Raumel Vinajera, located in La Concepcion neighborhood in the town of Palma Soriano, detaining 23 people, whose whereabouts are still unknown, according to various sources of the Cuban opposition.

“There were 24 of us there in that civil protest, demonstrating against the arbitrary arrests and the repression which exists in the Eastern part of the country against the Ladies in White”, declared Tania Montoya.

The Lady in White explained that they were also demonstrating for the freedom of dissident Rogelio Tavio Lopez who has been on hunger strike in the Unit of Operations in Guantanamo for more than 30 days.

“We were victims of paramilitary mobs in uniform who were at the Concepcion neighborhood.  The home of Vinajera was raided by these members of the National Police, the political police, and the Rapid Response Brigades”, she said.

The Lady in White commented that the home “was completely destroyed, they destroyed everything” that was there, she declared.  “They hit everyone who was there.  As for Raumel’s mother, a 65 year old lady, she was pushed, she fell, and they did not care about this,”, she added.

“One of the police officials took out his arm to shoot Raumel’s brother, because he had come out in his defense.  The mother was inside screaming”, indicated Tania.

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